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With an annual growth of 5.4%, t-shirts are a lucrative online garment business. Because of the online shopping boom and the ease of international shipping, brands can sell their t-shirts from around the world. Websites like Cotton Bureau let creative people add their creative t-shirt designs and sell them easily worldwide. Whether you are making a brand website or a website similar to the Cotton Bureau, the Shopify theme for t-shirts in this list will come in handy for you.

The top three countries where the t-shirt business grows are the US, China, and India. An online store with multiple currency options will help you easily meet user demands. Luckily, most Shopify theme for t-shirts have multiple-currency option out of the box. All you have to do is to take care of the pricing and shipping information. Shopify’s mobile application is very powerful and user-friendly, so store owners can easily track their sales on the go. The Shopify platform will help you easily grow your business if you are a small store owner. Plus, you get lots of useful applications in the Shopify app store. You can simply install the function you need without even touching the code.

Without further hesitation let’s look at the best Shopify theme for T-shirt online stores.


Shopify theme for t-shirts with multiple customization options

Wokiee theme will help you make a cool-looking Shopify store for t-shirts.

With more than 60+ pre-made demos, this theme helps you set almost any online store. A clean layout and trendy design elements will make your website appealing to present-day users. Among the 60+ demos, we get a dedicated demo for t-shirt stores. In the default t-shirt store demo, the creator has given a simple homepage design.

The creator has taken the full-width design to the full advantage and has given you plenty of space to add your products. Because of the simple straightforward homepage design, the user can start shopping immediately when they land on your site. Even if you don’t like the default t-shirt store design, you can pick the demo you like and customize it as per your needs. The creator has made this theme a section-ready theme, so you can easily drag and drop the elements in the place you want.

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user-friendly Shopify theme for t-shirts

Gecko is a simple and minimal-looking Shopify theme for t-shirt.

Because of this simple design, you can not only easily edit the theme but you can also maintain the website easily in the long run. Nearly 20 pre-made demos are given in this theme and you get one t-shirt store demo. Banners, patterns, and hover effects do their job perfectly to get user attention when they enter your site. Lots of white space is given in this theme so that the users can easily interact with the website even on the small screen devices. Customizations are made simple using the drag and drop builder. Minor customizations can be done without even touching the code. If you are a solopreneur, Shopify themes for t-shirts like this will simplify your job.

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Shopify theme with interactive elements

Streamline is an animation rich attractive Shopify theme. The stylish design and the fresh look will attract the present-day audience. Three demo variations are given in this theme and the Hype demo version will be a perfect Shopify theme for t-shirts. Video background sections are also given in this theme to keep the users engaged as they scroll down the pages. Since it is a properly optimized website, the video sections and the animation effects work smoothly on mobile devices as well. The creator has used a floating hamburger menu design, which will make navigation easier on small screen devices. Sticky checkout buttons are given to let the user checkout whenever they finish the shopping. The default design makes it a perfect option for small stores and medium stores websites.

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Shopify theme for t-shirts and other apparel stores

SaleHub is an intuitive and cool-looking Shopify theme for t-shirts and other apparel stores.

The clean, image-rich layout of this template lets you elegantly showcase your products. Some demos in this pack use a split image slider to show the product on one side and a model wearing the product on the other side, which looks fantastic and will quickly get the user’s attention. Since Shopify’s new customizer tool is easy to use, you can add the content effortlessly to the website and can create a proper store in no time. This theme pack has twelve homepage designs and four collection page designs. If you are a web development agency, this theme will make your job simple.

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clean-looking shopify theme for t-shirt

Vendy is one of the best-selling Shopify themes and can be used for t-shirt stores.

This multipurpose Shopify theme has more than thirty-five ready-made pages. The creator has given you more than enough options right from the homepage to the product page; therefore, you can create a custom Shopify store in no time using this theme pack. Another advantage of this template is it is optimized appropriately for performance, which is very crucial in an eCommerce store.

This theme uses the latest Shopify version and supports all the latest apps, making it the best Shopify theme for print-on-demand stores.

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Ap Sharon

multipurpose Shopify theme

Ap Sharon is a true multipurpose Shopify theme, and you get a ready-made theme for t-shirt stores as well.

Right from the fashion store to the restaurants, all major online store concepts are covered in this theme’s twenty-plus design collection. Some unique demos like Realestate, art galleries, and pet stores are also included in this pack, which makes it so unique. The creator has treated media content carefully on pages so that your product looks at its best and improves the chances of ending up in the user’s cart. Looks and functionalities are both treated equally in this template. As a result, you get a stunning-looking and easy-to-use Shopify store.

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product-centered Shopify theme for t-shirts

Lusion is a product-centered Shopify theme for t-shirts.

This theme pack has designs for both multi-product stores and single-product stores. Hence, making a brand store will be an easy job for the developers. Whether you need to make minor customization or hardcore customization, this template’s flexible code structure can handle it easily. Blog pages are also included in this theme pack along with the basic eCommerce store pages to let you share useful content with your audience and improve your bonding and reach.

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Shopify theme for t-shirts with video background

Venue is a brand-focused Shopify theme. If you want to interact with your audience and share them with what your brand is and how you stand out from other brands, this theme would be a good choice. Image sliders with video options are given in this theme. From header to footer, everything is designed carefully to give an engaging experience. Right below the header section you have testimonial carousels, which is a thoughtful touch. Images are used effectively to show the product categories and latest collections elegantly to the users. Since most of the homepage space is used to promote your brand, you do get a dedicated shopping page. Dropdown menu options and multiple-currency options will help the user easily control the website.

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brand-focused Shopify theme for t-shirts

District is also a brand-focused Shopify theme like the Venue theme mentioned above. Lots of images and video content are used in this theme to give an immersive experience. The best part is that all these images and video spaces are also optimized for mobile devices. So that the user can see and purchase products on the go from your website. Lookbook sections and the Instagram widget is placed in between the main sections. If you feel the default design to be quite awkward, you can simply drag and realign the sections in the way you want. Since this theme is from the Shopify’s own theme repository, it supports all the features that Shopify has to offer. Three demo variations are given in this theme and the District demo will be a perfect Shopify theme for t-shirts.

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Avanti is one of the few Shopify themes designed purely for t-shirt stores. Big imageries and bold texts promote the product easily as soon as the user lands on the website. Plus, the dark and light color scheme elegantly highlights the important sections from the others. Though this theme has only one demo version, precise design and properly calibrated animations will help you make a trendy looking t-shirt store. The bold look is continued on the shopping page as well, so you get a consistent design throughout the website template.

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TeeLove is a multipurpose fashion and accessory Shopify theme. You can edit this section-ready Shopify theme to make a clean and user-friendly t-shirt store. Five demo versions are there in this pack as of writing this post. The creator has utilized the white space efficiently to give a visually appealing design and make interactions easier. Since TeeLove is a mobile-responsive theme right out of the box, the white space rich design lets the users easily click and view the product. The Shopify platform is well-integrated into this theme; therefore your audience will have a seamless shopping experience.

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clean shopify theme

The Oritina theme is purely for fashion, accessories, and t-shirt stores. If you want a Shopify theme to start your store immediately, themes like this will be a good choice. Two Shopify theme for t-shirts is given in this theme pack. Swift smooth animation effects are used to present the product elegantly to the user. The default design of this theme makes it a perfect option for small and medium stores. In the demo, you can see that the creator has bright color images. If you can’t spend money on making custom product images, take a look at our t-shirt mockups collection. Since this theme has plenty of space for big images, using high-resolution images will help the user clearly see the products before buying them.

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simple Shopify theme

Gemini theme is also from the same creators of the Oritina theme mentioned above. Hence, you can also expect the same level of customization options and code-quality in this teme. The creator has made this theme Obrelo compatible. If you plan to run a dropshipping business, the Shopify theme for t-shirts like this will be a good choice. The creator of this theme has kept the design very simple. Users can start buying products straightaway from your homepage itself. Concentrating on one product or a brand will help you steadily grow, take a look at our Shopify single product themes for more brand-focused design.

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simple Shopify theme

From the name itself you can understand that this theme is created for t-shirt stores alone. From the homepage to the single product page, all the pages are optimized for the t-shirt stores. By making a few changes to the design, you can make a proper t-shirt store. Six homepage variations are given in this theme and all of them follow a promotional style design. Countdown timers and banners are given in this theme to easily promote your flash sales and new products.

Along with the regular shopping pages, this theme has blog pages and 404 pages pre-designed for you. Using a Shopify theme for t-shirts like this will save you time and money. Take a look at our error page templates for more creative design inspiration.

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ultra minimal Shopify theme for t-shirts

Shella is an ultra-clean minimalist-style Shopify theme. The creator has included different layouts and designs for different stores. Because of this minimalist-style design, you get only important elements on the webpage. Users can enjoy a distraction-free environment where they can fully enjoy your products. If you are making your own t-shirt designs and selling it to the audience. Minimalist style designs like this will be a perfect option.

Along with different homepage designs, you also get different designs for product pages and collection pages. This theme also gives gallery pages to let you elegantly showcase your custom projects. For more interactive gallery design, look at our gallery design collection.

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multipurpose apparel store theme

Modular theme focuses mostly on your product. Big imageries and interactive layout help the user fully feel your product. This theme has three demo variations, and the Mayfair demo version will be a good fit for the t-shirt websites. Since the Mayfair demo is made for apparel stores, it has all the elements and sections you want on a t-shirt store. Plus, it is a Shopify theme running on the latest Shopify version. Therefore users can easily place their orders on your website. Once you are done with your integration part, you can launch your t-shirt store.

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clean layout Shopify themes

Kalles Shopify theme is purely designed for fashion stores. The creator has given a variety of layouts in this theme pack. All layouts have a product-centric design; hence, users can clearly see your products and can interact with it. Like all other Shopify theme for t-shirts in this list, this one also a mobile responsive theme. Quick shopping options and dynamic search options are a few highlights of this theme that can help your customer shop easily in your store.

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interactive apparel store Shopify theme

The Broadcast Shopify theme is made for online fashion and jewelry shops. The default fashion store demo can be used for all types of apparel and accessory stores. So you can make an online t-shirt store easily in this theme. Creative layout with many images and parallax scroll effects gives this theme a beautiful look. On the minimalist-style design, users can see your products clearly. Quick view options are also given in this theme to let the user have a brief look at the product without loading the product page. Lots of user-friendly features are given in this theme so that the users can easily purchase products on your website. All the functions and features work perfectly in this theme so we can fully concentrate on the custom features and options.

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Shopify theme with useful features

If you are searching for a Shopify theme for t-shirts with useful features, this theme will impress you. This theme is not loaded with multiple demos but also packed with many useful features. Another useful feature in this theme is the instant light and dark skin version transition. With just a click of a button, the user can easily switch to the dark version. As most browsers and famous websites are offering dark mode options, your users will also find this feature useful. Another useful feature is this theme is compatible with Obrelo. If you are planning to start a t-shirt dropshipping business, the Obrelo feature will come in handy for you. Right from slider to the mega menu options, everything can be easily edited via the visual builder. Themes like this will help the store owners to easily manage their website in the long run.

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Shopify theme with multiple demos

Lezada is another friendly Shopify theme for both developers and users. With more than 200 ready-made demos, this theme will help you make any online stores in no time. All the basic pages and the basic optimizations are already taken care of by the creator. Unless you have any special needs, you can use this theme as such without any customizations. With periodic updates, this theme is compatible with the latest Shopify version and is running on the latest Bootstrap version. You can add any modern design elements and features without any worries. Instagram shop options are also given in this theme, to help you easily manage your sales.

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easy-to-customize Shopify theme

Yanka is a clean and contemporary style Shopify theme. Right from single store websites to big store websites, this theme has pre-made demos. With the friendly customization options, you can change any fashion theme into a Shopify theme for t-shirts. Nearly 18 demos are given in this theme and all of them have a clean design. Lots of white space is given in this theme so that you get a roomy feel even on small screen devices. Since most of the online shoppers use tablets and mobile phones a lot to start their shopping. Well-optimized themes like this will make the shopping experience a breeze for the shoppers.

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trendy-looking shopify theme

The Avone theme is purely designed for fashion stores and furniture stores. Different layouts are given in this theme and all of them have an image-rich design. You get plenty of space to showcase your t-shirt designs. If you are making custom designs or having a unique collection, this theme will help you present your collections neatly to the users. Newsletter popups and product activity notifications popups are given in this theme to keep your users engaged. If you feel the popups to be interfering in the shopping experience, you can simply turn it off. The creator has given you a powerful dashboard. All customizations and product management can be done easily from the dashboard itself.

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minimal looking fashion store websites

If you are a designer or if you own a minimalist style website, you know that making a proper minimal design is not an easy job. Everything has to spot on and the design should be pixel-perfect. Like the Avone theme mentioned above, this one also has demos only for fashion and furniture stores. The creator has coupled the minimal design with interactive animation effects. Since this theme is made using the latest Bootstrap 4 framework, all the animation effects are sleek and smooth. Special occasion landing pages are also given in this theme. For example, you get a Christmas sale demo and a Black Friday demo.

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modern looking shopify theme

Supro is also a minimalist style Shopify theme for t-shirts. The creator has used trendy design elements on the minimal layout. As a result, you get colorful attractive Shopify store designs. You can pick any layout you like and use it for your t-shirt store. Different types of scroll effects are used in this theme which most users will love. Like most other themes in this list, this one is a section ready Shopify theme. You can simply drag and drop the elements you want. Even if you use omnichannel marketing, this theme will help you easily sell your products. Look at our Shopify marketplace apps list to easily manage your product on different market places from your Shopify store.

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retina shopify themes with a modern design

The Eva Shopify theme is purely designed for fashion and accessory store websites. Eight homepage variations are given in this theme and all of them have a trendy look. The creator has balanced the images and the texts effectively throughout the website. On the full-width layout, you have plenty of space for images and texts. You can pick any demo in this theme and can use it for your t-shirt store. Different category layouts and product page layouts are given in this theme. You can easily add the page layouts you want in the demo you like. With friendly customization options, you can create a proper t-shirt store website in no time.

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multipurpose fashion shopify theme

Molla is a simple looking Shopify theme made for different online store categories. Whether you have to make an impressive electronic store website or a simple brand-focused fashion store website, this theme has the perfect design for you. At the time of writing this post, this theme has 20 pre-made demos. Since it is one of the best selling Shopify theme, you can expect more new themes in the upcoming updates. All 20 demos give importance for the product images, so you can elegantly showcase your t-shirt designs in this theme. Hover effects are also used to show the products clearly to the audience.

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elgant looking shopify theme

Ella is not only a responsive Shopify theme but it is also a sections-ready Shopify theme. All the demo versions in this theme are section-ready themes. Pick any demo you like and add the missing sections from other demos. The code script of this theme has made flexible enough so that you can add any modern tools or custom tools to this theme. Different layouts and different scroll effects are also given in this theme to help you make a website that present-day users love to use. It has all the basic features pre-designed for you to concentrate on the custom elements and pages you want on your website.

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shopify theme with mutliple demos

With over 87 pre-made demos, this theme can help you set up online stores within minutes. Most demos are made for the fashion stores, so you can pick any demo and edit is as per your needs. Both minor and major customizations are made simple using the drag and drop page builders and simple code scripts respectively. Quick product variant swatch options are also given in this theme to let the user easily pick the variant they want. Lots of useful shopping options are given in this theme to let the user easily shop on the go. Since it is a mobile responsive theme, all the elements are optimized for the small screen devices as well.

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