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Single page websites are more desired by most people rather than a multipage website. All the details of the website in a single page itself. So, the users do not need to go through multiple pages to search for an information. They can find the required information in the single page itself. With the growing number of websites in the world, the number of single page websites has also been growing with a huge margin. So, in this article, we have listed the best free single page website template that you can use to create a website.

These free single page website templates can be used for anything according to your needs. They can be used for business, eCommerce, blogs, photography, fitness and many more. All these website templates are focused to help your website gain a lot of new viewers. We have also included one free single page website template for each purpose for your ease. Select the one you like and you can start creating your own websites.



Starting off our list of the best free single page website template; we have the niche based theme Skater by Colorlib. It is designed and equipped with elements ideal for sports or skateboard based business and websites. Whether you are looking to promote your skills, maintain an online presence, or start a merchandise store online, this theme is definitely up your alley. And the great thing here is that, it is a single page design that focuses on highlighting all your featured contents in one place. This means that users no longer need to browse from page to page to find something. Completely responsive, retina-ready as well as pixel perfect the whole template is also excellent with the visuals.

It comes with elements like image header slider, gallery designs, carousels, and more. All these integrated with the CSS and HTML animations and effects takes the whole theme to the next level. Apart from this, the whole structure is also pretty versatile and customizable. For this you get a huge array of custom fonts, icons, color schemes and even multiple layout styles to start with. Apart from this, you also get useful components like contact form, testimonials, sticky navigation, pricing plans and more. The whole structure is also cross-browser compatible and amazingly fast loading as well.

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Another one by Colorlib, we have another stunning single page website template Rezume. And the name itself pretty much explains the major purpose it is dedicated towards. Ideal for all creative professionals, it is a great way to leave a lasting impression on anyone who lands on the site. It features an incredible visual with stunning image background, advanced fonts, and creative layout style. This is designed to be completely responsive, retina-ready as well as stunning with the graphics. Getting onto the details,, you will also find a huge range of customizing options you can use to personalize it further to your own preference. And all of these options being completely user-friendly, this template is definitely great for beginners and novices as well.

The stunning full-screen banner definitely stands out in effect with amazing animations and effects. And with the integration of the sticky navigation bar, it even allows your users to browse through your site with ease. As it is a portfolio or personal resume site, the addition of previous clients testimonials is definitely a plus point. Apart from this, it also includes elements like contact form, filterable portfolio, blog, contact sections and more. All of these are also designed to be compatible throughout all the major web-browsers. Simple, minimal and stunning; Rezume is one that definitely makes for an awesome website template.

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Third, we have another minimal, simplistic single-page website template; Imagine, that is ideal for the creative agencies and business sites. Focused on displaying your contents in an attractive manner, you will find all the essential elements to jump-start your site with. From sections dedicated to showcasing your services, blog, contact, features and more, you get it all pre-built. You can then further personalize the whole template to meet your own personal preference. For this, you get an array of creative customizing options you can switch to with minimal effort. Apart from this, you also get access to intuitive charts, bars, graphs and even images that sets the design apart.

The great thing here is that it features the exclusive single page design combining all the contents on one place for your users to enjoy. Entire of the theme structure here is completely responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect ensuring an excellent visuals. It also features CSS based animations, effects and smooth transitions that makes the template pretty engaging for your users. Not to mention the multi-level drop down menu and sticky navigation option ensuring and easy online browsing experience for your users. Cross-browser compatible, RTL ready, SEO friendly and enhanced for speed, this whole template covers pretty much all the basics for a great experience overall.

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A professional, simple and purpose oriented single page website template, Foundation is yet another amazing creation by Colorlib. It is designed to be charity and non-profit based website template that is visually engaging. It is ideal for any of NGO and INGO organizations, fundraisers, charities and more. A range of efficient elements packed into one template package, everything you need for a functional site is here. Foundation is also fully responsive, retina-ready and overall graphically excellent. As it relies on the advanced Bootstrap framework, you are also assured of a flexible interface. It is also highly customizable which means you get access to a range of amazing personalizing options. It is of-course a one page or single page website template that is pretty content focused. 

Represent your campaigns, cause and overall project in a super appealing manner. And for this exact purpose, you get more than enough creative elements you can use. From stunning banner sections, attractive design for galleries, huge image header, creative blog sections and more. For a more direct approach with your users, you can also add in the newsletter subscriptions, contact forms and even social links using the icons available. The fonts and typographies are provided with Google Fonts. In addition, there are implementation of other third-party plugins and softwares to get you all the required features. It is also cross-browser compatible which makes sure that this website has no problems loading on all the major web-browsers. A perfect way to kick-start and promote your cause, try out this awesome free template out today!

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Now this one is designed particularly for the niche of education institutions in mind and is packed with options to meet the niche requirement. OneSchool is professional looking, visually impressive and also fully responsive. With a single page website template design, everything is content focused and sure to catch your users attention. It is perfect for any type of school, universities, online courses, and every educational institution websites. The great thing here is that each and every little element is styled as per the niche. From the design itself, and the creative images and icons used, to even the overall approach, it is pretty purpose oriented. It also features a hamburger side navigation bar which makes it easy for the users to browse through. 

Not to mention the smooth CSS animations and effects implemented on various elements that keeps things interesting. There are various other appealing factors as well, including image sliders for courses, creative fonts, and typography variations, easy personalizing options and so much more. It also has a fully functional contact form that makes it easy for you to collect user data. Not to mention the newsletter subscription option with Mailchimp. The sticky header is also a plus point which means that the header stays intact no matter how far down the users scroll down. Overall a pretty great option, you can make use of the free template right through the link down below.

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Slim is a minimal, clean and aesthetically beautiful website template that is specifically created for fitness websites. Relying on the professional Bootstrap framework, this template is one-of-a-kind, featuring a unique perspective. The split screen design with the elegant and modern touch of styling element is sure to make your website stand out from the crowd. It is ideal for any type of fitness based businesses like yoga, crossfit, gym, marathon and more. The style is pretty chic and femininine and is sure to appeal to the desired crowd. Whole structure also makes use of the CSS and HTML code structure which makes way for an array of creative elements. Not to mention the ultra-responsive and retina-ready graphics it executes for an excellent imagery. The one page website template is content-focused and every section of the site is laid out on one screen itself.

The layout itself is pretty user-friendly and offer the users an easy way to get the perfect website up and ready. It even integrates Google Map to share the location of your business with your users. Another great thing is that there are variations for fonts, icons, and even the color palette you choose to go. The huge image header can be used for promotional purposes as a banner with links and CTAs as well. It features a simple drop-down menu that enables the users to navigate throughout the site. Not to mention the amazing and smooth animations and transitions it features throughout various elements. Slim is furthermore cross-browser compatible, RTL friendly and overall a great way to get a head start to your online entrepreneurship.

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Another one by Colorlib, Neutral is an advanced, trendy and agency based website template. Perfect for any professional and creative company and agency websites, the whole site is versatile and easily customizable. It is a single page website template and focuses majorly on the law firm niche. However, as we mentioned, we can personalize various elements to meet the requirements of other niche of business sites. It is pretty amazing with the visuals with amazing responsiveness, and retina-ready and pixel perfect imagery. All of the details, information, and the services you provide is displayed on a single page which is pretty great. And with the on-scroll content load feature, it sure makes for a fast performance. 

The template is also cross-browser compatible making sure your site loads effortlessly throughout the sites. Neutral delivers a sophisticated design with intricate elements for a hint of creativity. From amazingly designed pages, icons and variations for fonts and typographies, the end result is always up to you. There are various useful options like contact forms, newsletter subscription, countdown timers, creative icons and CTA buttons are all there. Not only this, but with the use of CSS codes, it makes way to interactive animation and transition on hover and scroll. Surely one of the best options you can get for your next project, Neutral is one you certainly should not miss. 

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Talking about simple and modern law firm templates, Pointer is another one worth a mention here. It is a single page website template that comes with all the required features one needs to get started. From creative design to unique styling elements to professional range of codes, everything is taken care of. It is based on the professional Bootstrap framework, which makes it pretty versatile and up to par with all the latest web-standards. Pointer is also fully responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect. Not to mention the super-user friendly interface that makes is ideal for even novices and beginners to get started with. Take your business to the next level with amazing visuals and outstanding performance with Pointer. And that too for absolutely free. Getting more into the details, users also get access to a range of awesome personalizing options to add that custom touch. 

You can add in the logos, change typographies and fonts, icons, color palette and even the overall layout style. Other than this, there are options for testimonials, blogs, galleries, contacts, services and more. In addition to this, the attractive team member section with image and profile is another stunner here. Not only this, but to add that creative flair, there are image sliders, carousels, text sliders and more. Users can also add in contact forms, social icons and even newsletter subscriptions to increase your social following. All in all a decent package of everything one might require to get started with a professional site from scratch, this is one we definitely recommend.

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A clean and professional HTML website template, Celt is built especially with the construction and similar category of sites in mind. It executes a flexible structure and versatility when it comes to its features. Whether you want to start a business, agency or a construction website, this template is the perfect start. The layout itself is quite impressive for the eyes, however, the main focus here are the features included. Responsive, retina-ready and visually stunning to the eyes, it makes sure to leave a lasting impression on any users that land on your site. Even the codes are clean and well-commented ensuring a great online experience. In addition to this, the template is also designed to be translation ready and the UI is extremely user friendly.

Getting into the major features, it is cross-browser compatible and adjusts to any web browsers no matter which you or your users prefer. The stunning Header can be used to add contact information. And you can even start your own informative blog with ease. Traditional yellow, white and black is the color used to execute the construction feel. However, all of these are pretty easy to edit and modify. And because it is created using the Bootstrap Framework, the latest version, you are assured of easy modification process. Showcasing all of what you work with and for has never been easier. Lure in more traffic on your site than ever with this amazing single page website template Celt.

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Another one on our list of the best single page website template is EvenTalk by Colorlib. A free event planning website template that is amazingly responsive and retina-ready. The overall look is pretty clean and professional and is based on the Bootstrap framework. Ideal for event planning and managing it all the easy way. It comes with amazing features like Testimonials with a slider, showcase pricing, and even subscription for emails and newsletters. The great thing is that it is completely responsive, retina-ready. Another plus point is the single page design which makes it great to focus on the content you wish to display. The interface is also user-friendly so that even beginners have absolutely no problems using it.

EvenTalk also includes sections for galleries and blogs. This makes it easier to share any pieces of information, details, and updates to your users with ease. Parallax effect and the on scroll content load also adds to the impressiveness of the template. As it is easily customizable, the end result is also completely up to you. The count-down timer and the calendar widget will add into the easy event management feature. Another great thing about this template is that it is also cross-browser compatible and easily loads on any web-browsers with ease. Add in custom details, attractive CTAs and more just with a few clicks.

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Talking about business and effective websites, Orchid is another fantastic single-page website template that is a great start. With everything that you possibly need in one package, this business based HTML template is simply amazing. The design is minimal, clean and elegant which makes it lightweight and fast-loading. And because it is flexible and open to easily modifiable elements, you can create almost anything with this. Whether you want to promote your brand or services, start a portfolio or a blog, this has options for it all. Additionally, it also comes with responsive and retina-ready interface ideal for any screen size. The UI and the options available are also super easy to use and understand. This ensures that even if you are just a beginner, you have nothing to be worried about.

Combined with all of the latest technologies out there including CSS3, HTML5 and the latest Bootstrap framework will make it worth your while. Integration with Google Fonts, Font Awesome Icons, Owl Carousel Slider and more makes it easier for users to style their site as well. All of the codes used are also clean, well-commented and secure. Adapting to any change you make instantly, you can create any type of business site with ease. Streamlined the features for optimal performance, get nothing but the best online experience only with one of our own themes Orchid.

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Now for those looking for something special for their once-in-a-lifetime moment, Wedding as the name describes is a free wedding website template. Taking advantage of all the necessary resources all jam-packed into one, we ensure that this template is awesome in all the ways possible. The layout is clean, elegant and just the way it should be to fit the wedding niche. And the great thing is that the structure is designed to be responsive and retina-ready. Announce your special day in an innovative and stylish way only with Wedding. Built with the Bootstrap framework, all of the elements are completely modifiable and that too with extreme ease.

There are sections for all your requirement be it invitations, blogs or even galleries. So why stick to the hassle-filled procedure of doing it all manually? The template is also cross-browser compatible and fast-loading. Event management features like count-down timer, calendar, RSVP forms and more are also included with the package. The attractive Header sections can be used to add in interesting images and more. Even the fonts and the color schemes are elegant and creative. Share your love story in a more engaging manner with contemporary design and smooth animation.

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If you want a free single page website template to highlight your biggest projects and goals, then Unapp is one of the best that you can get. It is a business website template packed with a lot of features to help you take your business to success. You can easily showcase your biggest projects to the online mass. With the help of this website template, you don’t need to create your website from scratch. So you can also save a lot of your time as only a little of your time is required for setup and customizations.

You can create any type of business website with this theme. It has a header background in which you can add videos as well. This website template is filled with animations. You can show various sections of the website with a lot of attractive animations. This can be very visually appealing to the website users which would want them to stick around in your website. You can also add various sections to this website template to increase the functionality of the website. These sections might include services, blogs, shop about and contact. The works section can be further divided with two different layouts which are a grid with text and grid without text.

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A free single page website template with an elegant and modern design, Glint is a perfect companion for you to create a one-page website. It is more focused on creative agencies like photography, music, and art websites. But with the help of a few modifications, it can be suitable for almost any type of websites. It is developed with a fully responsive design. So, you can use it on any type of devices with any screen sizes. You don’t need to worry about any defects on appearance and performance when using it on mobile phones or tablets as well.

Glint has been beautifully crafted with the help of best clean and organized codes. It is also a retina ready website template which has a beautiful design. This free single website template also has a lot of use of animations in it. It has a very stylish menu sidebar which appears with a sliding animation from the right side of the website. You can click on the menu you want and be redirected to the desired section with its smooth one-page scrolling. It is also a social media friendly website template. So, the users can share your content on their social media if they like it.

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single page website template -ultim8

Ultim8 is a highly versatile single page website template built for agencies and web businesses. The template has been perfectly designed to help you present your projects and your business in a favorable light to any website viewer. Its design looks very professional and is bound to adapt to any of your projects and portfolios. You can make use of both the Service listing section and the gallery features to present your customers with the full extent of your agency’s capabilities. Furthermore, the milestone section can also be used to preview how many customers you have pleased so far. Achievements are meant to be shown off and Ultim8 completely agrees. The slide-based testimonials can be used to present the reviews of happy customers as well.

Moreover, Ultim8 also comes with features made to help you expand through the internet itself. You can place an online quote form for any possible customers straight on your website. The pricing table can be used to show various pricing packages and more. Similarly, the template also comes with Newsletter subscription form as well as a blog section for your website. Presenting information regarding your area of business has never been easier! Not to mention, Ultim8 is also coded using HTML5 and CSS. Thus, it enjoys maximum mobile optimization and is retina-screen ready.

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single page website template -frame

If you’re looking for a single page website template to expand your business, Frame might be the perfect pick for you. It’s a simple yet pleasant design makes it perfect for business and professional purposes. As it suggests, Frame provides a perfect frame for your website and you can simply place all the images and details in it as you please. Frame features multiple features to help you stand out from your competition. The text icon enabled Services helps you present your organization’s objectives in a clear manner. This is extended even more using the dedicated Features section made to help you present your activities and processes involved.

You can also use nifty plugins made for your business using Frame. The Pricing table can help you present the price and accompanying advantages of your business packages. Similarly, the Testimonials section is made to help you boast about your success using user reviews. Frame’s clean page design is perfectly designed to play well with all mobile devices and desktop browsers. Nifty animations hover effects, smooth navigation and other such parallax effects only help to improve your website’s usability factor.

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single page website template - landing

While it may seem obvious, this single page website template is one of the most versatile landing page templates we’ve seen. Landing provides you with a one-page template with the sleekest and modern design ever. Complete with custom smooth scrolling effects and tons of animation and parallax effects, Landing makes the simple task of browsing your website a pleasant experience. The slant sections provide your website with a cool yet professional outlook. Landing also combines this together with brilliantly designed sections such as Services and Features sections and more. Moreover, Landing page also combines with custom FAQ sections to help your customers with your products.

Whether you use Landing for your apps, agency services or more, it is bound to fulfill your task. Make use of both the header sign up form as well as the pricing table section to attract any customer. You can also place Good reviews on the template’s Testimonials section as well. Being an HTML5 bootstrap template, the Landing page is not only lightweight and cross-browser compatible but also very mobile friendly. Each section and element is made to be retina-ready. This means that your website will adapt to any kind of screen or resolution with no screen tearing or clipping issues.

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single page website template - cachet

Cachet is a great web template to use if you’re looking for a perfect single page website template. While it also comes in Multi page design, the one-page design is what we’re highlighting today. Perfect for large businesses as well as freelancers, you can use Cachet for a wide range of purposes. Whether it be as a landing page for your company, product showcasing, freelance listing, etc you can do them all using Cachet. Cachet provides you with an excellent header section accompanied with an awesome background video section with accompanying text and buttons. Similarly, the well-sectioned Features and Services section is built using Icon text boxes and Image accompanying text for maximum impression factor. Using the template itself is very pleasing due to its smooth scrolling effect as well as the parallax effects. Landing’s custom buttons and icons are accompanied by custom hover effects as well.

Furthermore, Cachet also combines with nifty widgets and plugins for your one-page website. Use the small product listing pricing table to present your customers with various nifty products. The testimonials section is also well crafted and designed to really present your customer’s views on your products. The custom contact page is bundled together with a nifty contact form to help your website viewers. This lets you connect to them easily and answer any of their inquiries at any time.

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single page website template - sweep

Sweep is a stunning, visual marvel when it comes to one-page templates, This single page website template is designed to creatively present your agency and website using a mix of nifty designs, a stunning mix of colors and impressive elements. It was built using advanced technologies such as HTML5, CSS as well as the Bootstrap framework. This not only ensures that the template itself is extremely lightweight and optimized but also brings in mobile friendliness on the table. Sweep functions perfectly on all web and mobile browsers with zero issues. It’s SEO optimization is also a nifty feature to take note of. The web template mixes in contrasting yet collaborative color and page designs to present your agency and its services. Make use of brilliantly made Portfolio and gallery sections, about us sections as well as team member listings.

Moreover, all the nifty icons and images on each section use hovering effects to make your website look that much better. Enable social media links on both about us and team member sections to help your customers connect to you more personally as well. The client listing section can be used to help you the list of partners involved in your agency as well as the clients you have served so far. Sweep is also completely blogged friendly and lets you enable Latest blog sections right in your one-page website. Similarly, the single page website template is also Social media friendly and also comes with Social media icons for your website. The custom contact page contains a contact form, as well as a Google map, embed to help your customers locate your business physically.

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To showcase your works and boost your business to success with the help of an online platform, Transcend can be a very good choice for you. It is a free single page website template developed with strategies to attract a lot of new visitors. It also has a clean, beautiful and professional design. So, whenever the viewers take a look at your website, they are automatically impressed with the appearance. This will be very useful to convert the viewers into potential loyal clients as well. It has a lot of customization options as well. You can easily customize the website as you like by committing a very little of your time.

Transcend features a very beautiful header section. It is a free single website template in which you can add a header image along with a custom logo. You can also add some texts in the header section. This will help give out some more details about your works and services. So the visitors will have a brief idea about what your service is about by just looking at the header. You can also add some of the highlighted menu on the header section itself. When the menu is clicked, you are taken to the desired section with a smooth one page scroll.

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As mentioned in the name itself, CVPortfolio is a free single page website template best suitable for portfolio websites. You can create a portfolio website with a one page layout and a beautiful design with it. It is specially crafted to make your portfolio website look attractive and professional. Your website can look far better from an average online CV or portfolio website with this website template. This can be very helpful if you are a freelancer or looking for a new job. You can showcase your past projects and achievements in a very unique way using this free single page website template.

This website template doesn’t feature a header or sidebar menu like an ordinary website. Instead, the header section contains your contact details. You can also add a download CV button just below it. The clients or the HR manager can easily view your CV with this option to work with you or hire you. You can also add your display picture and current designations and required personal information in this website template. The links of your social media can also be integrated just below your details with social media icons. Further down, there are lot of sections where you can highlight your best projects and works.

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CA App Landing


CA App Landing is a free single page website template best suitable for Android and IOS application showcase websites. If you use this theme, you don’t need to start from the scratch to create a website. You can just install this template and customize it easily to create your own unique website for your mobile applications. This website template is very easy to use and customize. So you won’t have any problem while developing a website with the help of this free single page website template. You can gain a lot of new app users by promoting the applications using this website template.

One of the best selling point of this website template is its beautiful design. It has a very clean and elegant design with a very smooth animation. It features a sticky header menu which appears only after scrolling the header section of the webpage. You can add sections like home, about, features, screenshot, testimonials, pricing, team and contact on it. Along with these sections, you can also add a sign up button in the sticky header menu itself. This helps in easy navigation of the website for the users. This website template also supports video post formats. So you can add information through videos in various parts of the website to show the application’s features.

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One Page


As suggested by the name itself, One Page is a free single page website template. You can use this website template for any purposes. It is suitable for any websites like blog, photography, eCommerce, business, food, travel, and so on. You can even use it for one-page corporate websites. All you need to do is make install the website template and make some changes. Then, you are good to go with creating any type of one-page website according to your requirements. It is a free single page website template which is also designed with good color schemes and grid style of elements.

To start off, it features a very good looking header section. You can add your own header background image and text on the header slideshow. This can help you to provide better information about your website in the header itself. If the visitors like what they see, they will definitely go through your website. To help you with the functionalities of the website, you can also add home, services, works, about, and contact sections. You can also add a custom logo on the header itself to make your website more unique. You can also show number stats in the various sections of the website to show more detailed information.

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If you want an awesome one-page website for your creative agency, Roran can do you a great help. It is a free single page website template designed specifically for websites to highlight their creative talents. Just like your unique creative ideas, this website template can also help you to create a unique website. It has a vast range of customization options. You can use these options to create any type of website you desire. This free single page website template also has an easy user experience layout. So, the chances of having problems while creating a website is quite minimum.

Roran has everything you’ll ever need in a one-page website. It has a grid header background image that looks quite unique and interesting at the same time. Something like this is always useful to create a curiosity inside the viewers. So, it is sure that they will be willing to visit various parts of your website. This can increase the number of new visitors or viewers in your website. Most of these visitors can also lead to potential clients or customers for the services you provide through your website. This free single page website template also has a simple design and user-friendly contact forms. These features are als a great help for your success.

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Imrah Demirag


A free single page website template best suitable for portfolio websites, Imrah Demirag will not let you down. Even though it is designed by primarily focusing on portfolio websites, it can be also used for any personal, corporate or non-corporate websites. It as a very user-friendly layout that can be used without any issues while editing and creating a website. You can change this website template however you like according to your requirements. It is designed with a variety of great colour schemes. You can select any of them and create your own one of a kind websites.

Imrah Demirag can also help you attract a lot of people to your website with a very clean and classic design. When you take a first glance at it, it appears as though some of the best works have been included in a website. It is highly inspired by the appearance of a newspaper. But, the layouts have been creatively crafted to make it look as attractive as possible. This free single page website template includes its own design of social media icon buttons as well. The contents of the website are shared using these buttons. You can also add a custom logo on the centre of the header menu to show your trademark to the website visitors.

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You can gain a lot through your website if you spice it up a little bit. Misal is a spicy dish that is very popular in Western India. But here, Misal is a free single page website template that is ready to spice up your newly created website. It has a lot of features and customizable options for you to work on your website. So, it can be suitable for almost any type of website even though it is specially designed for portfolio websites. You can use it for any type of websites with just a few tweaks here and there.

In this free single page website template, you get a very functional and good looking header section. Here you can put different sections and menu options for your website. You can also add your custom logo on the bottom of the header section. It seems as quite an odd position for a logo but looks really interesting. This experience goes the same with the website visitors and viewers as well. Keeping things interesting always makes them hooked up in your website. So, this website template can provide you with the perfect elements to keep your visitors and clients engaged in your website.

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Port is a free single page website template which is best suitable for portfolio websites. This website has been carefully designed with a large range of customizable options. These options can also help you to customize your website according to your requirement. So, you can also use this website template for any type of websites with the help of few changes. It is developed with the help of some of the best color schemes. This can also be helpful to create your own unique website. Select a color that you want for your website and watch it help you gain more website viewers and clients.

This free single page website template has a very elegant and modern design. You can add your own custom logo in the header section. The header section also includes a button where you can provide the users with multiple options. It can be used for signing up, signing in, requesting a quote, newsletter subscription and so on. As you scroll down the webpage, you can jump to the next section with the help of a downward angular arrow as well. You will automatically be presented with the next section through a smooth down scroll.

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If you want to extend the reach of your business with the help of a one-page website, let BIzPro be a guide for you. It is a free single page website template that you can use for any business website. You can use it from small local businesses to large corporate businesses. This website template has a fully responsive design. So, your users can access the website any time with any device of any screen sizes. The performance and the design of the website are also not affected while using them on different devices.

This free single page website template also has a lot of eye catching elements and features. You can add a slowly zooming in the background image in the header slideshow. Sections like home, about, services, portfolio, team, skill, clients, pricing, blog and contact can also be added to your website. You can also add different icons to provide the details for the about and services section. Similarly, the projects can also be highlighted with images with animations. The option to add stats with work percentage is also available for the team section.

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A free single page website template well suited to create your company, service or portfolio, Boxus is all you need. You can create any type of one page or single page website with this website template. It can be used for creative, digital, media, web design, or any other agencies. It has a lot of bright colour options. You can experiment a lot on them and find a suitable one for your website. These colours are destined to make your website attractive and get more viewers. It will also help you stand out in the crowd from the rest of the average looking websites.

Using this free single page website template will benefit you a lot. It has a very modern and beautiful design filled with a lot of exciting features. The colour of the header menu changes constantly as you scroll. It changes everytime you reach another section while scrolling up as well as down. You can add various sections like services, portfolio, about, news, video, skills and contact. Each of these sections is carefully designed to give your maximum user-friendly functionalities. This is what most of the viewers or clients look for in a website. In short, the success of your website is ensured with this website template.

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This free single website template is as purposeful as displayed in the name itself. It is a free single page website template that is developed with a primary focus for the creative agency. Although Creative Agency is best suitable for creative agencies, it can be used for almost any websites with the help of some modifications. It can be used for digital and media agencies as well as short business landing page websites. Since it is a website template, you don’t need to put much work for your setup. You can just make a few customizations here and there to create your very own website.

This free single page website template also has a lot of helpful attributes of its own. It is a completely flexible and adaptable website template. So, it can be used on any of your favourite major browsers. It is also a fully responsive website template. You can also use it on any device with any screen sizes. It can be used on any mobile phones and tablets without affecting the performance or the appearance of the website. Your clients or website visitors can then access your website any time and with any device they want.

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In order to excel in your business with a website, Bobsled can be the perfect sleigh for you for your way to success. It is a free single page website template which is most preferable for the business landing page. You can use it for startups related to technology, personal websites, or any other business websites. All you need to perform is little customization here and there and you are good to create your own business website. Since this website template is very easy to use, it also won’t take much of your precious time. Your time can be saved to be utilized to think about other brilliant ideas of yours.

You can get a very unique, clean modern and beautiful design with this free single page website template. It features a lot of attractive visual blocks that will always keep one step ahead of your competitors. This website template has a wide range of samples for text as well as buttons. You can explore all these different variants and use them on your website. You can also add your company’s custom logo and images of your works and services. In this way, you are making your website attractive with text as well as visual aspects.

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Datarc is a free single page website template that you can use to create a professional looking website. It is also a multipurpose website template which can be used for business, creative agencies or landing pages. You can use this website for any type of business organizations. You can create a website for a start-up business as well as an established business with it. This free single website template has all the features that you will ever need for a business website. Furthermore, this is an easy to use website template. So you have to put in a very less amount of your time and effort to create your own business website.

You have a lot of amazing features that you can use for your professional business website. It has a functional contact form through which your clients can contact you regarding the services you provide. This form can also be used by the website visitors. These visitors can also be potential clients for the future by increasing the interaction with them through contact forms. It also has a great portfolio section. You can showcase all the skills, achievements, past works and projects in this section. This can be a lot helpful to create a good impression and trust in service for your clients.

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To conquer any sector of business, you need a strong strategy. One of the best strategy that is used nowadays is to create a website for your business or services. Sector is a free single page website template that can help you a lot for this strategy. It can fulfill all the needs of your business or corporate website. This website template can also be tailor made with its customizable features to suit any type of website. So, it can also be considered as a multipurpose template. You can also create blog, portfolio, eCommerce and many more websites with the help of this website template.

You can work on a lot of sectors of this free single page website template. A professional looking website with great functionalities can be made in minutes with this template. On top of that, the impressively elegant design of this template will definitely catch the eye of a lot of users. It features a very nice header section where you can add background image and text. These images and texts can be used to briefly describe what your website is about in the header itself. This free single page website template is also social media friendly. So the contents of your website can be shared to social media to increase the reach of the audience.

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free single page website template ufolio

Ufolio is a free single page website template best suitable for portfolio websites. It is carefully crafted with clean codes packed with a lot of features. These features are intended to help you create your own unique website with a beautiful design. This website template is also very easy to setup and use. You won’t be spending a lot of your time and effort to create a website with this template. A website can be easily created without any problems with this website template So, with the help of this website template, you can also save a lot of time which can be utilized efficiently for other tasks.

Ufolio is a free single page website template through which you get a website with beautiful design and great features. Therefore, this particular website is sure to give you best results for your success. It’s responsive design can also be a lot of help for you. This website can be conveniently used on any device without any problems. It will work smoothly without affecting the design on any screen sizes. This website template is also cross browser compatible. So, it can be accessed on any of your major web browsers without any change in performance. Considering all these features for free, this website template would be a great bargain for you.

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