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Are you thinking about developing a brand new website for your company? Or do you just want to redesign your existing business website but you are afraid of losing your customers? Well, these under construction HTML5 templates that I have carefully assessed and handpicked for you, come with an extensive opportunity to retain visitors and keep them engaged until your official website comes live. It conveys messages to site visitors that your business website is going to be accessible with a bit more new design and features, or a new application is going to launch.

The html5 coming soon template is best for any type of website niches. It could be a business website, portfolio website, resume website, construction website, job board website, and more. So, I’ve created free HTML5 Bootstrap templates for turning maintenance mode on. Just get into the template one by one and explore their demo to find the best free website under construction template that suits your brand and perfectly fits your requirements. Before heading to the details, let me walk you through the key features of the best responsive under construction HTML5 templates

Key Features of Free Responsive Under Construction HTML5 Bootstrap Templates

The purpose of coming soon HTML5 website template is to keep visitors engaged and persuade them to return after the launch of the official websites or applications. Here are the key features of the amazing under construction templates:

  • Responsive Elegant Design: Under construction, the web template should look impressive, astounding, remarkable which can consolidate with your brand perfectly. The aesthetic design creates a strong impression on the mind of potential visitors and keeps them engaged.
  • Countdown Timer: The countdown timer is best one of the key components of coming soon HTML5 website templates. It shows the remaining time of the main website or application launching.
  • Subscription Form: In my opinion, the subscription form is a quintessential and mandatory element of the coming soon landing page template. It captures the visitor’s emails and helps the site owner to return previously visited visitors when the site construction is completed. It means you can easily drop site launching emails to your email list subscribers.
  • Social Media Links: Nowadays, people seldom drop their emails in anonymous or dark house websites from being afraid of spamming. But they can easily give like on the Facebook page or follow on Twitter to get the launching notification. Make sure that the Under Construction HTML Web Template that you choose must come with beautiful social icons that induce visitors to click.

I believe, having read the main features of the best under construction website templates, you can easily pick your exact match for your brand from these amazing responsive free bootstrap templates. So, let’s dive in and check out what the templates have in store.

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V01


This coming soon template is an interactive one, the timer moves according to your cursor movement and the effects are also fluid. A split-screen design is followed in this template and covers the entire page. To the left, you have the subscription form and social media links, and to the right, you have a big countdown timer. The subscription form is perfectly working for the front-end, all you have to do is to integrate it with your system. If you are thinking about email campaigns to bring these leads to your website, take a look at our free email template collection which can be used in all famous email marketing tools. In the right-hand section, you also have space adding images. You can use the image space to add your company-related images or a sneak peek image of your product to curate the audience.

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Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V02


If you are about to set up an under-construction page for a photography website, this one is the best option. The designer of this template has given you an image slider in the background. You can show some of your best images in the background while people wait to see your website back online. This image slider will also be useful for entertainment websites and gaming websites. A circular dial watch is used for the countdown timer and a subscription form is placed right below the timer. Only a limited amount of space is given for the text contents, but if you need you can customize it. Effects are smooth and clean so you needn’t worry about optimizations.

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Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V03


This is a minimalistic template with lots of white space and pitch-black texts. You can use this under-construction page template as such if you are using it for an interior design website or other minimal design websites. In this under construction template, you have plenty of blank space, which you can utilize to add your own widget if you want. Big space is reserved for your company logo so that the user can rest assured that they are on the correct website. Speaking of logos, if you are a logo designer, take a look at our logo mockups to present your design elegantly to the users. This template uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework, so you can easily integrate this template with your existing website.

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Coming Soon Template V04


This v4 template is a smartly designed under construction template. At the bottom of the timer, you have a call to action button saying “Follow Us for updates”, which is neat. Users who are in a hurry can use this follow feature to use your services as soon as they are back online. The registration form opens in a popup window so that the user can easily access it without any issue. In the gradient background, the under-construction page looks lively. If you want you can use an animated gradient background to spice up the design.

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Coming Soon Template V05


In the version 5 template, you put the content at the center of the page. Hence the user will clearly know why your website is under construction and can optin for email update if they want. In this template, the clock is added at the top edge of the page. By moving the clock to the top edge you get plenty of space at the center of the page. You have more than enough space for the text contents in this template. If you like to be creative or funny with words, this is the template for you. Another useful feature with this template is the form field supports field validation.

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Coming Soon Template V06

The V6 under construction template gives us a classy design. With the card flipping animation effect and trendy gradient color scheme, this template looks attractive. At the top right corner of the page, you have space to add social media icons. If you are running a service-oriented business, you can take people queries through social media and can solve small issues until your website is back online. Apart from the social media icons, the designer has also given you a neat registration form to get updates via email. Since it is an HTML5 template, you can easily integrate this template in your existing website.

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Coming Soon Template V07


The Coming Soon Template V07 is a professional looking under-construction website template. You get all the necessary elements placed at the most appropriate position. Hence you can use this under construction template straight away on your website. You can do customization if you want. The developer has used the latest web development frameworks like HTML5 and CSS3 in this template. Hence working with this template and integrating it with other tools or applications will be an easy job. The circular watch dial looks attractive on this simple template. You have enough space for text contents so you can give a brief note and alternate methods to reach you.

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Coming Soon Template V08


The v8 template is a simple under-construction page template. Though it is simple it has all the necessary elements to make a proper under construction page. It has ample amount of text space to clearly show your message. A big count down timer is given to let the user know when you will be back online. Very subtle animation effects are used in this template, hence the page will load faster. All you have to do is to take care of the integration part.

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Coming Soon Template V9

coming soon v9

Now this particular version of under construction HTML5 template is incredibly creative and versatile. Advanced and modern with the looks, everything you get here is based on the HTML and CSS codes. With elements to meet all of your requirements, it is ideal to announce your upcoming site. This template is also fully responsive and readily adjusts to every device screen size with ease. It features an image slider background that stands out in a unique manner. With the components placed strategically, this template is surely purpose oriented. It is also pretty flexible and versatile and highly customizable. From the color used and even the fonts, you can easily change it to match your preference. It also features an attractive set of elements like the functional countdown timer, smooth animations and hover effects as well as creative icons and numbers. The bold lettering along with the creative social icons and CTA buttons adds to the efficiency.

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Coming Soon Template v10


Now for a more darker based theme, this creative under construction HTML5 template is a great choice. Responsive and amazing with the visuals, we can say that the visuals it offers is pretty much flawless no matter what device it is on. The background features an image slider with custom images. As it is highly customizable, you get options to personalize various elements throughout the site. The bold and elegant fonts alongside the contrast of the font color with the theme design is pretty appealing. You will find options for custom logo as well as placement of components. The template also offers a working countdown timer, email subscription box and even creative icons. All in all, this template is also fast loading and features various hover and click effects to keep things interesting.

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Coming Soon Template V11


Another responsive, creative and engaging way to announce your site is this coming soon template by Colorlib. Elegant and stylish, the creators have made sure to add a touch of creativity with various creative elements. It is responsive, retina-ready as well and loads effortlessly throughout all the devices. With working countdown timer, calendar, subscription buttons, social icons and CTA button you pretty much get everything at your own disposal. The image slider background is surely another interesting point here where you can personalize the visual. As this under construction HTML5 template relies on the CSS and HTML codes, it is user-friendly. In addition to this, the template features an awesome performance and fast loading time. All in all another great addition to the list, why not check out the premium-like features for yourself today?

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Coming Soon Template V12


Another free coming soon or under construction website template by Colorlib, this variation here is pretty simple, minimal and purpose oriented. It features a stunning split screen design that is ideal for showcasing multiple contents in a single page. On the right hand side, you can feature your very own collection of images as sliders. Whether you want to add in a glimpse towards your ongoing project, or promote various campaigns, this is the ideal way to do so. This whole template being completely responsive is fully responsive and loads effortlessly throughout all of the major devices.

On the left hand side, you will also find the variations of useful elements. You will find creative fonts used here to showcase the title and the subtitle. Under this, you also get a functional newsletter subscription box. Not to mention the addition of social icons below where you can add in the links to your social profiles. This template is also cross-browser compatible and overall super smooth running.

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Coming Soon Template V13


Next in line we have this free HTML based coming soon or under-construction website template. A premium-like theme, the visuals it offers are stunning. Complete with a mesmerizing video background or a smooth transitioning slider, this template is more than enough to get your users hooked. It is also fully responsive, retina-ready and super fast loading, ensuring a adaptable and flexible interface for you to work on. The full width design, also feature trendy fonts, modern design and an ample amount of space you can add in your desired contents.

It comes complete with all of the usual important features required on a traditional contact form. Form subscription button, contact form, social icons, large mega menu and even a count-down timer as well as calendar, this template is definitely efficient. Great for those even with no previous experience with codes or design, it stands out in it’s own unique manner.

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Coming Soon Template V14


This version of the coming soon template is a different take on the option for V12 we have included above. Following a simple and elegant design, this template is pretty straightforward and purpose-oriented. Right off the bat, this template is appealing with the awesome split screen design with an image on the right and other elements on the left. The big bold lettering used to spell out Coming Soon is pretty attractive.

Not only this, but the simple minimal looking social icons on the bottom left is definitely efficient. Apart from this, another stand out here is the animated newsletter subscription box that lies below the texts. All in all, an engaging way to promote your upcoming projects online, this template is a perfect choice.

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Coming Soon Template V15


Next in line we have this highly defined under construction template that is another great addition here. A retro take on a engaging visual, it features multiple creative element to make the whole template stand out. Equipped with a vibrant creative background image, it sure leaves your users hooked. Not to mention the super creative way of adding the count-down element. Making use of the professional CSS and HTML code structure, it pretty much replicates the card flipping motion to showcase the countdown.

Apart from this, even the minimal and elegant logo design atop the Coming Soon text gives it that creative flair. The social icons are placed in a way to attract the users towards it. Completely responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect this option is pretty flawless to say the least.

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Coming Soon Template V16


Another version by Colorlib, the under-construction template version 16 is simple, intuitive, and interactive with the design. The smart design features a split-screen divided with an image background on the right and other elements on the left. Elegant and simplistic, it features a similar aspect to the color scheme as well. The right side of the page consists of elements that are necessary for a coming soon or under-construction page.

It features textual information, with the description as well as a newsletter subscription form. Subtle animation effects on the text field further the visual aspect of the design. You can also see the addition of professional social media icons you can use to link your social platforms.


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Coming Soon Template V17


This under construction template by Colorlib is another version that is tweaked with a similar design as the one above. This too features a split-screen design that features an image on the left and other elements on the right. The image section is great for any image format and features support for excellent graphics. It even has a functional timer that allows easy count-down until the site goes live. The left side features the essential title and description alongside the newsletter subscription option. You can also link your social platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus & Pinterest. The simple and clean design effective to deliver the required message without being too distracting.

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Coming Soon Template V18

under-construction-18Another straightforward and clean under-construction website template is this version by Colorlib. Stunning imagery with the image background, this design is pretty neat-looking and professional. You can easily customize it as you see fit. The title and the sub-title section can be the information on when your website will next be live. The subtle addition of the animation and effect to the CTA button adds to the visual aspect. You also get access to link your social platforms through the text on the Footer. Simple and efficient.

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Coming Soon Template V19


The 19th version of under construction website template by Colorlib plays with the dark theme with all the major elements. The background image and the color used highlight this aspect perfectly. Responsive design allows easy adjusting to any screen size. Minimal and clean, it features a split-screen design that features an image on the left and other elements on the right. The dark color alongside the white text is the perfect intriguing contrast. Not to mention the easy newsletter subscription option. You can also link your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest so your users can find you through other platforms. Easy to install and implement.

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Coming Soon Template V20


Last but not the least, our addition here is version 20 by Colorlib. Although minimal and clean, there are multiple unique elements that stand out. Starting with the thick white border along with the page, it adds focus to the content. The huge title draws attention to the important content alongside the subtitle. You can also find a functional countdown timer that allows your users to anticipate the next time your site will go live. The CTA button acts as a subscription or email notification option for your readers. And without fail, you will also find social media icons on the footer, so you can easily link your social platform.

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