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Java is one of the best versatile and powerful programming languages. Many websites we use in our day to day life use the java language. Due to its platform independence nature and code reusing ability, Java is adopted in many web development projects and mobile application projects. Therefore, Java plays an integral role in the modern internet world. If you love Java, then these java websites templates will also find a place in your heart.

One of the important reasons to use Java in web development is it is scalable. Handling higher user requests or big data sets is a child’s play for Java. Many enterprise software uses Java because it is easy to manage. Plus, it is an object-oriented programming language; hence developers use its modularity to scale the application features. You can expect all these best Java features in these Java websites templates as well. To make your job even simpler, we’ve collected WordPress website templates in this list. You can simply install the theme and launch your website in no time.


lively java websites templates with animations

Nifty is the most lively java website template on this list. You can use this contemporary java animated website template to power your consultancy business website.

Making a consultancy website engaging and easier to use is inevitable in the modern online business world. The more clear and interactive your website is the better the chances of converting the visitor into a customer. This theme pack has eight distinct demo versions. Each demo is unique and is designed to properly serve the niche audience’s needs. Java scripts are handled carefully in this template so the web pages load faster without making any compromise in the experience.

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java websites templates for charity websites

BigHearts is a java website template for charity and non-profitable organization websites. Using a rich java website template for your charity website lets you explain the cause clearly to the audience. Donors can virtually feel how their small contribution can make a big impact. Nearly eight demo versions are there in this pack as of writing this post. All eight demos have a pixel-perfect design and a well-optimized code structure. Lots of image and video spaces are there in this template, which will come in handy for many site owners. Being a WordPress theme, this template can handle all multimedia content effortlessly right out of the box.

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multipurpose WordPress website templates

Essentials is a feature-packed java website template. What makes this template stand out from other java website templates is its infinite customization options. Each demo in this template supports both WPBakery and Elementor page builders. Plus, the creator has included their custom elements as a pack in both the page builder to let the audience easily access the custom elements.

More than 34 demo versions are there in this pack and the creator has covered almost all major website categories. You can simply pick the demo you like, install it, and straightaway launch your website in no time.

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simple and elegant website templates

Webify website template is made for modern entrepreneurs, and by keeping present-day audience needs in mind. Since it is a multipurpose website template, it has 50+ pre-made demos. All demo variations support the Elementor page builder. From core to the skin, this is a digital business website template. The Easy digital downloads plugin is also given along with the WooCommerce store. Hence, you can easily set up an online store with the platform you want. All the custom elements are integrated well into the Elementor page builder. Users can easily drag and drop the elements they want. Plus, you get dedicated customizations for each and every element. As a result, you get unlimited customization features in this template. If you want both developer and customer friendly java websites templates, this is the best option for you.

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website template for financial services

BLO is made for modern corporate websites. The BLO template has a more professional look when compared to the Webify template. Just like the homepage, inner pages also have a businesslike appearance. This consistent design helps you easily brand this website. In each update you get new demos, so you are future-proof with this template. Because of the use of CSS3 and Javascript framework, the animation effects are smooth and fluid. Since this is a mobile responsive website template, animation effects are properly scaled for small screen devices as well. The Revolution Slider plugin helps you create attractive image sliders. If you are not interested in using a plugin for image sliders, take a look at our Bootstrap image sliders example. Since this template uses the latest bootstrap framework, it can handle any modern designs.

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professional-looking java websites templates

Scape is also a multipurpose website template. Right from personal website templates to creative corporate website templates, the Scape has a perfect design for you. As of writing this post, this template has twenty-plus demo variations. All demos use a full-page layout so that you have plenty of screen space. Plus, you can also show your content neatly to your users. This template has 250+ pre-made reusable sections pre-designed for you. The WPBakey page builder will help you easily handle these pre-made sections and customize them. Images and text spaces are balanced well in all pages and demo variations. Hence, you can clearly explain your service/products to your audience. The latest CSS3 script and the properly handled Javascripts make scroll effects and hover effects engaging. If you are looking for java websites templates with a well balanced modern design, this one will impress you.

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java websites templates with lively elements

Integrio website template is specifically designed for IT companies and service companies. If you are transforming your industry with innovative ideas, this fresh-looking website template will help you clearly express your creative ideas. Bold letters and big imageries deliver the message perspicuously to the users. You can even add videos to increase user engagement. This template uses the latest HTML5 framework; hence, it can handle videos easily. Plus, it is a WordPress website template; you can easily manage the content. Just like the design, the animation effects are also kept neat and simple. The creator of this template has completely taken care of the design part so that you can concentrate on the back-end functions. This template also has dark versions for black lovers.

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Hotel Booking

hotel booking website template

Hotel Booking is a feature-packed Java website template. The creator has used the javascript and Ajax script to deliver a dynamic experience to the user. Right from room availability checking to payment options, everything is covered in this pack. All three demo visions have a clean layout, and the default color scheme gives a rich look to the website. Each and every section of the website template can be edited using the WPBakery page builder. Overall, it is a good package with lots of premium plugins pre-bundled in it. If you are looking for java websites templates that give you more value for money, the Hotel Booking theme is the best option.

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magazine Wysiwyg Web Builder Templates

Making an engaging magazine website is a challenging job. The website has to handle all types of contents, plus, the content creators must be able to present the content engaging to the audience. Creators of Pixwell have taken care of the design part so that you can concentrate on other important tasks. Different types of magazine concepts are given as ready-made templates. All you have to do is to pick one that meets your needs and start building your existing website. Making all the templates AMP-compatible out of the box is another welcoming addition which most magazine site owners will love.

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multipurpose website template

Navian is a multipurpose website template that uses the latest WordPress engine. Since it is a premium WordPress theme, it has plenty of premium plugins pre-bundled in it. For example, it has the famous WPBakery page builder for quick front-end customizations and the Revolution Slider for creating impressive image sliders within minutes. Major website categories are covered in this theme pack. All demos have a neat, professional design so that you can use it for all types of websites in all famous niches without any issues. The WPBakery page builder is integrated well into the theme; hence you can access all custom elements quickly in all demo versions.

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interactive animation-rich java websites templates

The creator of Softlab has combined the material design and smooth animation effects to get user attention as soon as they land on your website. Since it is an application development company website template, the material design adds more sense. When compared to other java websites templates in this list, this one has only a handful of demo variations. But all three demos have a trendy and confident design. Since material design uses purposeful animation effects, users can quickly understand your website content. If you are very much interested in material design, take a look at our material design website templates collection. The WooCommerce plugin is also pre-integrated into this template to set up an online store easily.

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multipurpose java websites templates

Exponent remains one of the best selling java websites templates because of its simple, flexible layout designs. The creator has used clean layout and modern web elements to improve your user engagement. Especially the latest templates added during the recent updates look dazzling. All the demo variations have lots of white spaces. Hence, the user can easily interact with your website on both computers and mobile devices. As of writing this post, it has 26 pre-made demos, but you can expect more demos in the future updates. The creator has kept the animation effects as low as possible to meet the requirements of all types of users. You can add your own animation effects if you liven up your website. Take a look at our CSS animation examples for more inspirations.

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website templates for modern entrepreneurs

As the name implies, this template is made for SaaS companies. This template has 30+ demo variations in which you have both professional and futuristic designs. Hence, you can make any type of website using this template. Photoshop design files are also included in this pack to help you easily edit the design. Using a thoughtfully designed website template like this will save you time and money. If you are a professional developer, you can easily complete a project from scratch. The creator has pre-designed 250+ elements for you, and they are all integrated nicely into the Elementor page builder. All you have to do is to frag and place the elements in the place you want.

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ready to use online store website templates

Konte is a minimalist style eCommerce website template. Using a minimalist style website template helps you elegantly showcase your products. Plus, the users can also fully enjoy your products before buying them. The biggest gripe in online shopping is the user can’t feel the items. Developers have used modern frameworks to deliver a better shopping experience for users. In this template also, the developer has used animation effects and hover effects to make the shopping experience a breeze on your website. For example, users can use the product image carousels and quickly view options to see the products without even loading the single product page. In a word, Konte is a simple and functional eCommerce website template.

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java websites templates for consultancy business websites

Avantage is a niche website template. This one is designed exclusively for consulting business websites. Clevel homepage designs of this template clearly state how you can help your customers and how you have changed the life of your existing website. Business websites like the consulting website must focus on credibility; The creator of this template has understood it clearly and made a proper consultancy website template. This template uses its own website builder tool instead of using a famous third-party page builder. Hence, you can expect a smooth and synchronized user experience in this template. Other useful tools in this template are the Cost Calculator and the Bold timeline plugins. All these pre-made demos and plugins have made this template as one of the best value for money java websites templates in this list.

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colorful and interactive event website templates

Exhibz is a colorful and vibrant website template for events. The dynamic and lively design of this template will set up the event mood as soon as the user lands on your website. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 script, the gradient colors look attractive. The most common elements in an event website are timeline and countdown timer. Take a look at our timeline and countdown timer design collection if you are not satisfied with the given default design. Images have plenty of space in this template so that you can easily induce your users to join your event. This template uses the WooCommerce platform to let you easily sell tickets on your website. All the basic optimizations are taken care of by the creator. Hence, you can concentrate on the integration part without any worries.

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wesbite templates for personal and corporate websites

This theme doesn’t need any introduction. Week after week, this theme remains the number one best selling WordPress website template. The creators have made this template even more powerful in the recent updates. Now this template is sleeker and friendlier than before. Both the front-end editing and the back-end editing are made simple in this template. This template uses its very own Fusion page builder tool for front-end editing. Tons of customization options and pre-designed elements are there in the Fusion page builder tool. Almost all cosmetic tweaks can be done easily via the page builder without even touching the code. Just like their tools and designs, the code script is also simple and flexible. Developers can easily work with this template and can make any website in no time.

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java websites templates with multiple demos

BeTheme is another best selling WordPress website template. This template is known for its plethora of pre-made demos. As of writing this post, this template has an impressive 500+ demo variations. More new demos are added to its arsenal in each update to make it strong enough in the competition. Java websites templates like this is an ideal option for professional web developers and freelancers. This template not only saves your time but also saves you money. This template has a long pre-integrated plugins list, just like their demo list. Since this template is out there for a very long time, the creator has thought of each and every function. You can simply install the theme and launch your website in no time.

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modern and creative business website templates

This template has more than 400 demo variations, and all of them follow a trendy design. Contemporary style designs of this template will definitely impress present-day website owners and audiences. This template supports both the WPBakery and the Elementor page builder tools. Pick the demo with the page builder tool you like and start working on it. A friendly search tool with filter options is given in this template to help you quickly find the template you like in this vast 400+ demo collection. If you also want such a friendly search tool on your website, take a look at our bootstrap search box example collection. Java scripts are handled smartly in all demo variations. Hence, all the pages are dynamic and will deliver an impressive user experience.

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easy to customize java websites templates

Jupiter theme is known for its friendly customization options. With 270+ pre-made demos, this template will help you create a website for all niches. The creator has given lots of customization options and has integrated well into the website builder tool. Right from text editing and animation effects, everything can be controlled in this template. Apart from regular web elements and sections, this template also has form editing and popup editing tools. This template has multiple premium slider tools. Based on the workflow you prefer, you can pick a slider tool and work on it. As you can see, this template gives you options for almost everything. Therefore, no two websites will look alike if you fo proper customizations.

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Phlox Pro

contemporary style java websites templates

Phlox Pro website template will make your audience fall in love with your website at sight. Posh looking contemporary style templates will attract all modern users. This template is the best option for an upcoming brand website. Innovative design and interactive elements will help the audience how creative your solutions will be. Animation effects and trendy color schemes are balanced throughout the website to give a visually striking website. This template has well-optimized 80+ demo variations. All these features and pre-made demos are given in attractive pricing. This competitive pricing strategy not only makes this template the best selling one but also makes this template the best value for your money. If you are looking for budget-friendly java website templates, this is the best option for you.

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dynamic website template

Jevelin is a radical website template with a pristine clean layout. This template has 30+ demo variations, and all of them have a futuristic look. An ample amount of space is given between each element and sections. These spaces make interactions easier on both computers and mobile devices. Like most other java websites templates in this list, this one is also mobile-responsive out of the box. The creator has used on-trend elements and fonts so that your websites are future-proof with this template. This template uses two website builders; the famous WPBakery page builder and the New Element editor. The Element editor takes care of front-end editing, where as the WPBakery builder takes care of the dashboard side editing.

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java websites templates for education websites

Eduma is a feature-rich education website template. The learning management system is pre-integrated into this template, so this one is more than just a website design template. All the elements and features are fully functional in this template. Once you are done with the integration par, you can launch the website whenever you want. This template has multiple education-related website demos to meet all types of education user needs. The Javascript is used smartly with the learning management system so that the students will get an immersive experience. Using java websites templates like this for your education website will reduce lots of your work. By fine-tuning the template, you can make a website that meets your needs.

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java websites templates for blogs

Squaretype is a modern blog website template. Professional bloggers will understand the need for a dynamic website and engaging elements. Useful content alone won’t help you run a successful blog. Engaging elements that help the readers fully grasp your content will improve your blog success rate. Most bloggers don’t have time to design and build their own websites. Using java websites templates like this will help professional bloggers make a dynamic website. And, they can concentrate more on making useful content. This template has ten demo variations, and each has a different layout. All demo variations use trendy fonts with good readability. Hence, your readers can enjoy your content on the go without any issues.

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minimalist style website template

Malina is also a personal blog website template. But, this one has a minimalistic content-focused design. Widgets and sidebars are designed smartly to help you easily organize your content. More than enough space is given for images in all the demo variations. Hence, you can deliver the content clearly to the audience. Smooth scroll effects and hover effects are also used to liven up the website. If you are into trendy hover effects, take a look at our hover CSS hover effects example for more inspiration. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 script, it can handle any modern design elements and animation effects.

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java websites templates for magazines and news websites

Jannah is a dynamic news and magazine website template. This template has designs for all types of magazines and news websites. Modern web elements are used effectively to organize the contents neatly. Texts and images are balanced smartly in all demo variations. Since this is a WordPress website template, you can easily add and manage videos. This template also has user management plugins like the bbPress plugin. If you are planning to run a subscription website, the user management plugin will come in handy for you. Speaking of the subscription model, take a look at our Shopify subscription theme collection if you are into the Shopify platform.

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