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A perfectly tailored services web template will deliver an impeccable experience to both site owners and site visitors. Websites always stand in the front row of your service business. Hence, your website must be easy to interact with and readily present the desired information user searches for on your website. Keeping all this vital information in mind and making a service website from scratch might be a time-consuming job. We have picked the best services website template on this list to make your job simple.

The templates’ creators have handled all the design and interface optimizations. Some basic features like appointment scheduling, payment gateways, and request forms are also given in the bundle. Therefore you can concentrate on the custom features. The service business sector is a wide category. Right from home maintenance services to the latest IT services business, everything is covered in this list. Some of the templates are even multi-service website templates. Therefore, check all templates and pick the right services web template for your website.

Best HTML Service Provider and Services Web Template


digital service provider and marketing services web template

Unbrew is a digital service provider and marketing services web template.

Cool vectors and trendy color schemes make this template the best option for modern entrepreneurs. Subtle animations make this template livelier and what makes this template even special is it uses the latest Bootstrap 5 framework. You can try many custom stuff on this template and can create a unique website in no time. All basic optimizations and famous browser compatibilities are taken care of by the creator itself. You can simply add your services and straightaway launch your website.

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product and services web template

Express is the best product and services web template for those who want their website to directly relate with their audience.

One of the most important criteria of a service website is to show how your services can help people. The clean layout of this template will let the site owners clearly explain their services to the audience. A professional look is maintained throughout the template to appeal to all business owners. You can tweak the design and animations to add your personal touch. Since this is a Bootstrap 5 template with a simple code-structure, you can edit it easily without any issues.

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business services web template with bold design

Victor business services web template has a bold and confident design, making it the best option for startups and growing companies.

Sensibly designed homepage first shows what makes you different from others and then shows the services and customer testimonials. Not only the homepage but other pages on this template also follows a sensible design. Therefore, you can use this template as such for your website unless you have any special requirements. If you are a developer, you can see that the creator has used the bigger sections and responsive fonts smartly in this Bootstrap 5 template. A well-optimized template like this with a modern code script will keep your website future-proof.

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minimal-looking services webs template

Echo is a minimal-looking services web template. The creator has used the full-width layout and white spaces effectively in this template to deliver a visually stunning experience.

Any creative agency and modern digital services websites can use this template. Users can quickly understand your services because of this template’s uncomplicated design. Once you have followed the same simplicity in UX writing also, the killer combo will take your website to the next level. Animations are kept as simple as possible to maintain a minimal look. You can add your custom effects; this template can handle all modern animations without any issues.

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Best WordPress Services Web Templates


Understand user needs alone will not help you make a successful service website. You should also understand the day to day requirements that a service business provider has. Being a WordPress multi-services web template, Ituza has nailed a friendly design for users and site owners. This template has 20 readymade demos. Each demo is unique and is made for different types of service businesses. If you are a web developer, templates like this save you time and money. You can create an n-number of websites using this template. Plus, the built-in WPBakery page builder will make the front-end cosmetic changes easier.

Appointment booking calendar and Revolution slider are a few premium plugins included in this pack. Overall, this template gives you good value for money. Hence, you must shortlist this template.

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Service Master

Service Master is the one for you if you want a services web template with a head-turning polarizing design. Bright colors and swift animations deliver an engaging experience. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 script, colors look more natural, and animations are very fluid. This template has 12 demo versions. Each demo covers a different niche, so you get a different layout and elements. All custom elements and sections are neatly integrated into the WPBakery page builder. Most complex customizations and tweaks can be done via the page builder tool. Hence, site owners don’t have to look for developers for simple changes, making this template a better option for small business owners.

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IT services are another busy service sector in this modern age. Being a tech-related company, the IT services web template must have a visually pleasing design yet practical to use. The Mitech template’s creators have balanced both visual aesthetics and practicality. Each demo has a refreshingly clean-design that will deliver a smooth user experience. For example, the animated icons give a touch of elegance and manage to draw user attention to the required spot.

Not only the homepage design but the inner pages are also designed carefully to elevate your professional image. You can find timelines on the business page, which will help you explain the company growth clearly to the audience. Take a look at our CSS timeline designs collections for more engaging designs. This template has eight demo versions as of writing this post. Since it is one of the best-selling WordPress themes, you can expect more new demos in future updates.

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Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services, as the name implies, this one is a cleaning service web template. This template has two layouts — one is rich with images, and the other uses icons to give a business-like look. The creator has covered all the basics in both the layouts. Hence, you can pick any demo and can make it into a proper service website. Pricing plans categorized into weekly, monthly, and annual plans will help the user to easily pick the package they want. Plus, the neat pricing card design gives you more than ample space to explain the services in a plan. If you like to make the card elements even more engaging, take a look at our bootstrap card examples.

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Car Repair Services

As modern cars become increasingly sophisticated, one can’t repair the car by himself/herself. Proper tools are needed to diagnose modern cars. If you specialize in handling modern, sophisticated cars, this is the best website template for you. The sensible design of this template lets you clearly explain how you can help your customers fix their car issues. Especially in the Light Layout version, you get a dedicated car parts tab section where you can give a quick overview of the part and the possible common issues. This WordPress services web template also has WooCommerce powered shop pages. Hence, users can pay easily via your website itself.

Apart from the online shopping feature, this template has many other useful features. For example, you get a Before & After slider gallery plugin, estimation calculator, and lot more. Overall, Car Repair Services is a well-equipped website template.

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Engitech is another IT services web template. Trendy design layout and fresh color schemes make this template perfect for young entrepreneurs and startups. This template has five demo versions. Each demo version is unique and has a different layout. Whether you need a conversion-centered design or a layout on which you can explain your potential and project, this template has everything for you. Since all demos are equipped with the Elementor page builder, you can easily juggle with the sections and create a unique website. This template will become a darling for those who love a modern trendy design that respects user experience and interface.

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Clenix is a hardcore cleaning service website template. Everything in this template is designed carefully right from the page loading animations to the icons. Sleek animations elevate the richness of this template. For those who are offering A to Z cleaning services, this template is a boon. You can simply install this theme and launch your website. This template has four multi-page layout designs and 4 single-page template designs. Based on your requirements, you can pick one and set your website. Since it is a WordPress theme, you can change the looks and add features as your demand grows. If you are offering only carpet cleaning services, take a look at our carpet cleaning website template collections.

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Clany is a tad-expensive WordPress theme when you compare it with other cleaning service website templates in this list. The pixel-perfect design and sensibly designed layout justify the premium price tag it has. Though it is a template, the creator has given custom website level attention to each and every corner. You can deliver an impeccable user experience because of this template’s sensitive design. Everything is proportionate in this template. No element is out of place and falls in hand easily. Another unique feature in this template is all icons are custom made icons. Hence, you get more flexibility and get an authentic look.

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Bao is a technology-related website template. If you are providing digital business solutions and making day-to-day digital life a lot easier for users, this is the best template for you. The subtle touch of animations gives a unique character to this template. Bold letters and bright gradient elements do get user attention easily as soon as they get on your website. Since this theme is made for modern entrepreneurs, video sections are there in the default design itself. You can simply add the videos and manage them easily from the WordPress dashboard. Speaking of dashboard, this template provides your profile pages and portfolio pages, but it doesn’t have a user dashboard design. You can check out our dashboard templates collection if you wish to give your users a personalized experience.

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For those who are providing maintenance services, this maintenance service website template will help you make a proper business website. As the name implies, this one has demos for HVAC related services. This template has three demo variations. All three of them have a bold look that delivers the message clearly to the audience. Design and element-wise, this template is complete. On the functionality side, this template has only basic features covered for you. For example, you get an appointment booking form, but you don’t get an online appointment scheduling tool. Since it is a WordPress theme, you can install a plugin and add its features. If you are particularly looking for an HVAC service website template, take a look at our HVAC website templates collection.

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Handyman services are one of the most popular categories in the service business. Under the handyman services, you get different sub-categories. This template’s creator has covered important services like plumbing, painting, and construction. All seven demo variations in this pack have a bold, striking design. Even the shop pages are designed carefully to boost your online sales. The WooCoomerce powered online store pages lets you sell tools easily on your website. Using a well-equipped website template like this keeps your website future-proof. Plus, you can also meet your audiences’ growing demands easily.

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LeadEngine is a conversion-focused modern multipurpose website template. This template has designs for both personal consultation services and corporate websites. You can pick any demo and can make it fit your needs irrespective of that demo’s original purpose. A well-optimized corporate-centric design like this will boost your conversion rates and improve your brand image. More than 200 custom blocks are designed and added into the WPBakery page builder. All you have to do is to drag & drop the elements/sections in the place you want. Because of this template’s lightweight code structure and simple design, it loads faster. Plus, you also get a good accessible website.

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Integrio gives you a polarizing IT services web template design. The energetic design of this template will be a perfect platform to present your new innovative ideas. If you are providing game-changing solutions for your customers, this template will help you highlight how innovative you are. Though this template uses a radical design, everything is handled smartly and kept under control. For example, you can see subtle animations when you hover the icons. Attention to small details and pixel-perfect design make this template a good option for companies of all sizes. If you like to use sensible hover effects on your website, look at our CSS hover effects design collection for fresh ideas.

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Queak website template has a contemporary look and the tools that a modern website should have. The creator has used the animations smartly to deliver an engaging user experience. Right from the header to the footer, all sections delivers the message clearly to the audience. The use of high-quality icons elevates the professional look of this template. You can still use your custom icon set if you have. The Elementor page builder will make your customization works simpler and easier. Unlike other service website templates, this one has appointment booking options right out of the box. Once you configured the booking tool, users can book their appointment via your website itself.

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As the name implies, this is a laundry and dry cleaning services web template. The content-rich bold design of this template helps you explain your services clearly to the users. Since most online booking for a service website comes after the working hours, making your website mobile responsive is a must; therefore, your regular customers can easily book a schedule on the go. Apart from the design, this template has a solid code structure on which you can create your custom website in no time. All essential features are pre-bundled in this template. Hence, website owners can easily maintain their website in the long run.

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MoversCO is a unique website template made for a unique niche. This user-friendly website template is made for packers and movers service providers. Creators of this template have designed it carefully by understanding the niche needs. Hence, the pre-made demos in this pack has a friendly design that builds confidence in new users. Elements like the images, videos, and testimonials help you clearly show your credibility to the users. Since it is a WordPress theme, you can handle videos and images easily without even touching the code. Friendly plugins are bundled with this friendly website template, making it a quintessential template for new website owners.

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Solene is a beautiful website template made for wedding photography service websites. The creator has used modern web development frameworks to create a magical website. You can elegantly present your wedding photographs and videos to the audience. This template has twelve demo variations. Each demo is unique and helps you bring beautiful moments to life. The password protection option for photos is a welcome feature that most professional photographers will love. There are many niche-specific friendly features in this template. Overall, Solene gives you not only a visually stunning website template but also a practical website template.

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BeTheme is a multipurpose WordPress theme. This template has separate demos for the famous WPBakery page builder and the Elementor page builder. You can pick the demo with the workflow you like and start building your website. In its humongous 500+ demo collection, you get a wide range of layouts and designs. Whether you want a clean, professional website or a colorful funky website, this theme pack will have a perfect design for you. Under the service business category, you get plenty of demos. If you are a professional web developer, WordPress themes like this save you time and money.

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Jupiter is also a multipurpose WordPress theme like the BeTheme mentioned above. Making a perfect website for all types of users isn’t an easy job. Hence, this template’s creator has given you infinite customization options to help you easily make your ideal website. bbPress and BuddyPress plugins are also included in this template along with the premium page builder tools. Therefore you can easily manage your online users and provide them world-class service. Though this template has hundreds of demos and pages, it doesn’t include a dashboard design. Take a look at our bootstrap dashboard design collection to help your audience easily manage their requests and see the product/service updates.

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If you are into modern web design, then this multipurpose WordPress theme will help you make a contemporary website for almost all major niches. This one also has 500+ demos like the BeTheme. All demo variations are designed carefully to meet the particular niche’s needs. Hence, you can install your niche theme and launch your website straightaway. Under the services business category, you get plenty of ready-made demos. Take your time, check all demos, and make your dream website that attracts present-day users.

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