Whether you are a small blog getting appreciations emails from your readers or a big company getting new requests from your customers, having a proper contact form is a must. Many big opportunities for small websites came through their simple contact forms. Hence, you can’t treat your contact forms as yet another web page on your website. If you are a growing company, placing the contact form at an easily accessible position is a must. Because it is through the contact form you will get the suggestions and user thoughts.

The contact forms must reflect the nature of your business or website. For example, if you have more than one division in your company, giving the option to select a division on the contact form will help you serve better. To make a CSS contact form all these options, you don’t have to spend much of your time. Simply pick a CSS contact form given in this list and tweak it to your needs. These trendy CSS contact forms will help you save time and make beautiful functional contact forms.

Contact Form v10


Contact Form v10 is a minimal looking contact form design. To match the minimal design, the creator has used subtle animation effects on this design. Text inputs are bigger and bolder so that the user can clearly see what detail they are entering in the text box. The simple design of this contact form makes it a perfect fit for both whole page contact form and one of the segments on the homepage. Since there is no border or boundaries in this design, this form blends in easily with any background. Speaking of backgrounds, take a look at our CSS background collection to make the important section stand out from the rest.

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Contact Form v9


If you are concentrating on the physical store or have an office building, this is the best contact form for you. In this form, you get a Google map as a background, where you can add your store location. You also get the option to see the map in a full page mode for clear details. A gradient color overlay is used on the map to make the contact form look unique. As the creator has used a pure white color scheme for both text fields and form background, shadow, and depth effects are used to differentiate the text fields. At the bottom of the contact form, you have an option to add your contact number.

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Contact Form v8


Contact Form v8 is a simplified version of the V9 form mentioned above. Like the previous contact form in this one also you have a map as the background. Instead of a gradient overlay, this one uses a dark color overlay. The creator has used text field effects, to indicate which filed the users is using. Another interesting option in this contact form template is the “Send copy to my email” option. If you are a service providing company or a law firm, sending a copy of what the client has asked will help you maintain transparency in your conversation. Plus, you can reduce the SPAM mails considerably.

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Contact Form v7


Contact Form v7 is a flat version of the V10 contact form mentioned above. In the v10 form, you get text fields with rounded corner, but in this one, you get classic sharp-edged text fields. Icons and texts are used for the form field text labels. The elegant design of the form let the user clearly understand which detail has to be given in a particular form field. Just like in the V8 form, you have the “send copy to the email” option. The developer has followed a simple code structure so that you can easily integrate this form with modern tools.

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Contact Form v6


Contact Form v6 is an interactive and animation rich contact form template. As soon as the page loads you get a blinking mail icon at the center to open the contact form. The contact form is made bigger and larger so that the user can clearly input the data. Fonts used in the default design are bigger and easy to read. There is ample amount of space for you to add your own text fields and options. The pristine clean design of the template gives better readability to the user, even on the mobile screen. Since it is a mobile responsive design, you can use this in mobile responsive website templates as well.

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Contact Form v5


The contact form V5 is a good option for big industrial websites, healthcare organizations, and other big business websites. This form includes all the important features you would normally expect in a proper contact form. The mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk symbol and it also supports field validation. Apart from these user-friendly options, you also get a drop-down input box. If your organization has a wide range of product or department, letting the user select the product or department they want will help you serve them better. Since this template is designed and developed by professionals, the code structure is properly handled for easier integration and customization.

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Contact Form v4


The modern web development frameworks allow us to make more natural looking web elements and cool colors. If you are looking for a colorful contact form with modern design to use in your trendy looking website, this is the form for you. The creator has not only used modern gradient color scheme in this design but they also used interactive animation effects in this template. All the animation effects are subtle yet attractive. Because of the simple nature of the animation effects, it loads faster and takes only less screen space. In this form also you get the drop-down option for quick and easier data input.

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Contact Form v3


Contact Form v3 is a dual purpose form design. You can use this form for both contact purpose and quote requesting form. If you are making a website for startup, this contact form will be a sensible addition. The transition effect is fluid and clean when you switch between the forms. Apart from the transition effect, the developer has also used small animation effects for the input fields. Texts are made bigger and bolder so that the user can easily interact with the form. It is a responsive form out of the box, hence you can use it in your responsive web design without any hesitation. Since all the basic features are taken care, all you have to do is to customize and integrate the form in your website or application.

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Contact Form v2


Contact Form v2 is a multipurpose form design, which you can use for all types of websites and applications. The default form is made bigger and gives you an ample amount of space to enter the details clearly. Less number of form fields are given in the demo, but you can add as many form fields as you want. A gradient color scheme is used in the call to action button and color shifting effect is used for the hover effect. Check out our CSS hover effect collection, for more interactive hover effects. Coming to this contact form, it is not only made simple on the look but the code structure is also made simple. Hence, the developers can easily work on this template.

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Contact Form v1


Contact Form v1 is an interactive contact form design. On the left-hand side, you have a big space to add your logo or image. If you are putting the contact form in a separate page, this logo space will help you clearly brand the contact page. Plus, the logo space is made interactive and moves as per the user’s cursor movement. The form fields also have a strong animation effect to indicate which form field the user is using. All these interactive features are made purely using the CSS3 and HTML5 script. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the loading time. You can expect the same fluid experience on both the mobile and desktop devices.

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Contact Form v20


Contact Form v20 is a simple flat style contact form. In the demo, you get Google Map as the background. The developer has integrated the original Google Maps API, so you get a functional map in this map. All you have to do is to add your office or store location on the map so that the user can find your location easily. The contact form is kept very simple, where you get the name, email address, and custom message text boxes. If you want, you can add the form fields you like. Contact forms like this will help you get more local customers. If you are planning to promote your business to the local audience, take a look at our poster mockups and flyer mockups collection to preview your designs before using it in the real world.

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Contact Form v19


Contact Form v19 is another version of the V20 form mentioned above. Since both the v20 and the v19 forms are from the same creator, you can expect the same level of design and code quality. These forms are from professional developers and designers, so you no need to worry about compatibility and the ease of customizations. All the basic features of a modern template are taken care in this template. For example, it is mobile responsive out of the box and uses the latest framework like HTML5 and CSS3. Hence you can integrate this form in your existing website or the project you are developing now.

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Contact Form v18


Contact Form v18 is another corporate style contact form in this CSS contact form list. The designer has followed a split screen design in this contact form. On the left, you have a big space to add your image and on the right, you have the space for the contact form. If you are using this form for a photography website, you can use the image space to add some of your best photographs. You can even make the images space as a slideshow, to interactively showcase more designs. Take a look at our CSS slideshow collection for more interactive slideshow designs.

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Contact Form v17


Contact Form v17 is another version of the form C18 mentioned above. But in this split screen design, you have space to add your contact details on the left space. Adding your contact details near the contact form is a sensible idea. Before sending you the message, the user can decide a medium to reach you easily. The form has a clean design so that the user can clearly see the details they are adding in the contact form. It has all the basic feature pre-designed for you. You have to make a few optimizations before using this design on your website or application.

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Contact Form v16


Contact Form v16 is the best contact form template for one-page websites and landing page. In the default design, the contact form opens in a popup full-page window on clicking a call to action button. If you have space restriction or wish to make the contact form easily accessible, this approach will be a good choice. Though this is a popup contact form, you can use it as a regular contact form as well. For the form field labels, the designer has used icons and texts. The user clearly understands what detail they have to give in a particular form field.

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Contact Form v15


This is another Google map and contact form combo design. The V15 contact form has a clean design and more form fields. At the top of the contact form, you have a space to add an image background and a text space to add a personal message. The form has rounded edges and neat layout so that the form fits perfectly in any part of the website. Though this is a full-page contact form design, you can use the form alone in your design. Carefully written code structure will make your integration and customization part easier.

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Contact Form v14


Contact Form v14 is a fully functional contact form. It support field validation and important fields are noted so that the user won’t miss important fields. Red boxes are used to highlight the error form fields. Trendy looking fonts are used in this template, the letters are bigger and bolder so that the user can easily interact with the form. The main form is made bigger and a clean white background is used. On the clean background, the texts are clear and easy to read on both mobile and desktop devices. Like all other CSS contact forms in this list, this one is also mobile responsive. By making a few optimizations, you can use this form for professional use.

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Contact Form v13


Contact Form v13 is another split screen style contact form design. In this form, you have the option to add a Google map on one side and a contact form on the other. Plus, you also have an option to add your contact number over the Google map. The letters in the contact forms are made bigger so that the user can easily read and interact with it. Field validation options are also given in this form. A clear error message is shown to the user when they miss a field. Ample amount of space is given between each form field so that the user can clearly add longer contents.

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Contact Form v12


Contact Form v12 is almost similar to the V1 form mentioned above. In this form also you have an interactive image or logo section on the left side. The form fields with rounded corners blend easily with the environment. A different color is used for the form fields to make it look distinct from the clean white background. In the download file, you get properly organized folders for easier access and customization. You can either use the whole design or use the form design alone. Simple code structure will help you easily identify the element you want to modify.

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Contact Form v11


Contact Form v11 is a colorful gradient rich contact form template. In this form, you get four input boxes and important fields are marked with an asterisk symbol. At the bottom of the form, you have the option to add a contact number. If you are using this form for a hospital website, you can add the emergency number at the contact number space. Not only the background but the call to action button also uses a gradient color scheme. The developer has smartly used color shifting hover effect for the gradient color call to action button.

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