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There are nearly 6 billion mobile users worldwide, and it will grow a lot in the future. Most of us start our search from our mobile devices. This is one of the main reasons why Google has started the AMP- Accelerated Mobile Page project. Regarding mobile website design, each second counts, and every pixel is considered. Because when your website takes an extra second to load, you will lose nearly half of your potential customers. It is delicate and hence you have to be so precise in your mobile website design. We have collected responsive Shopify themes in this list to help you deliver a desktop-quality mobile user experience.

Using an AMP version will remove many dynamic elements from your website, which may reduce the user experience. Plus, you have to adjust the design individually for a better experience. Instead of using a separate version for your mobile website, you can use mobile responsive website designs. The user will get a desktop-like experience with the responsive design. Plus, it also saves you a lot of money and time. Some of the responsive Shopify themes in this list are retina-ready as well. So you can deliver an impressive experience to the users.

Let’s look at the best responsive Shopify themes you can use today.


mobile-first design responsive Shopify theme

Lusion is one of the best responsive Shopify themes on this list.

Apart from the responsive nature, this theme’s mobile-first design will make your customer’s mobile shopping experience a breeze. The mobile version of this theme ticks all the basic mobile interface design boxes. Users can easily access the options and purchase the products without any issues. Since this theme uses the latest Shopify version, you can expect all the latest and greatest features Shopify offers. Overall, Lusion is a friendly website for both store owners and customers.

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responsive pet store Shopify theme

LuckyDogs is a responsive Shopify theme for online pet stores.

This template’s smart, responsive design lets you take the cuteness overloaded pet pics and product images clearly to the audience. Users can quickly buy the products for their beloved pets on the go. If you have the resources, you can add AR functions to your website to make the shopping experience even more engaging for the audience. Since this is one of the best-selling Shopify themes, you can rest assured that it will get periodic updates.

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interactive mobile responsive Shopify theme

Uneox is the best responsive Shopify theme for online furniture stores.

The default design of this template lets you showcase the furniture products on your website. Nearly thirteen homepage variations are given in this pack. This theme’s clean white layout makes bright color elements look even more vibrant and attractive. This one also uses the latest CSS3 script like all other modern Shopify themes in this list. Hence, you can try any modern colors on this template and personalize the website per your design requirements.

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clean and responsive Shopify theme

Vendy will be a good choice for those looking for a simple, clean multipurpose responsive Shopify theme.

The creator has given different Shopify designs for apparel and fashion stores. Since this theme uses the latest Shopify version, it supports the page builder tool immediately. All you have to do is to drag and drop the elements in the space you want and make your custom online store page without even touching the code. People who want hardcore customization will also love this theme because of its flexible code structure. If customization is one of the key factors in your theme checklist, you must consider this template.

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With over a hundred ready-made demos, this Shopify theme pack lets you create a responsive Shopify store for any type of product and store. All major niches are covered in this pack, and the design for each demo matches the corresponding niche needs. The creator has checked all demo and shopping pages in this pack for mobile responsiveness, so you can have complete peace of mind with this theme. Along with the regular Shopify features, the creator has loaded this theme with some premium features to give more value for money. Overall, Zeexo is a better responsive Shopify theme for developers and store owners.

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Olivine is a responsive Shopify theme for beard oil products. Since this theme deals with style niche and beauty product niche, the creator has used a clean layout that handles the needs of both worlds. As of writing this post, this theme has three demo versions. Each demo is unique and tries to make the shopping experience as simple as possible. Olivine theme uses the latest Shopify and is regularly updated to make sure you get the latest Shopify features. From a store-owner point of view, the Olivine is an easy to maintain Shopify theme in the long run.

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shopify theme with multiple demos

Whether you are making a colorful toy shop for kids or a sophisticated rich looking jewelry shop, this theme has a perfect design for you. Nearly 87 pre-made demos are included in this theme; the best part is that they are mobile responsive. Using responsive Shopify themes like this will help you save time and money. Since this theme is made using the latest Bootstrap 4 framework, you get a flexible layout that easily fits on any type of screen size. Different layouts and different effects are also given in this theme to help you make a unique looking website. 360-degree product view options are also given in this theme, which will help the mobile users to clearly see the products before adding it to their cart.

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professional-looking shopify themes

Gecko is one of the few responsive Shopify themes with pre-made demos for unique niches. For example, this theme has designs for organic stores, perfume stores, and handmade stores. Though only a handful of demos are given in this theme, all of them have a pixel perfect-perfect design. The creator has kept the design simple so you can easily use this theme for all online stores. Plus, the website will easily fit on the small screen devices. Because of this simple design, you can easily rearrange the elements as per your needs. The creator has made it a section-ready theme. So you can simply drag and drop the sections you want in the place you want.

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responsive shopify themes with multiple demos

Instead of filling the theme with a huge number of pre-made demos, the creator has filled this theme with useful features. This theme has all the latest features that a present-day user would expect in an online store. Quick checkout options and easy product interactions will help you boost your sales. As writing this post, this theme has 15+ premade demos and you can expect more in the future.

Along with the homepage variations you also get 14 header variations and 12 footer variations. All you have to do is to pick the design that closely meets your needs and simply drag and drop the sections that are missing. For more smart header designs, look at our bootstrap header design collection. Since this theme is designed using the latest bootstrap 4 and CSS3 script the web elements look attractive. Even on the retina screens, the website looks beautiful. A stats say “A higher screen resolution results in a $1.18 higher-order”, using responsive Shopify themes like this will keep your store future-proof.

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minimal and clean looking Shopify responsive themes

As per the name, the creator has used a lot of black design elements in this theme. On the clean white layout, these dark web elements look distinctive and attractive. This theme has more than 100 pre-made demos for you. The creator has covered almost all major online stores in this theme pack. You can simply pick your niche store design and start working on it. If you are a freelancer or an agency, themes like this will save you time and help you serve your customers better. Since the creator does all the basic optimizations, you can concentrate on the custom features and pages you want. Speaking of agencies, look at our digital agency WordPress themes to stun your audience with your works.

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Shopiy theme with multiple demos

Modern store owners expect more than a responsive design — they expect a mobile-first design. Since the number of shoppers buying via smartphones has increased over the past few years, make the mobile interface as simple as possible has become very important. The creator of this theme has understood the current trend and has given you separate mobile versions for each and every demo. This one is a multipurpose website template with 35+ demos. Almost all major website categories are covered in this theme, so you can set up any modern online stores easily with this theme.

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shopify theme with useful features

This theme is a good choice if you want modern, responsive Shopify themes to power your online clothes stores or electrical stores. This template has 10+ demos, most of which are for online apparel stores. Right from the homepage to the portfolio pages, everything has multiple variations in this theme pack — which makes this theme one of the best friendly and easy-to-custom Shopify themes. All layouts and pages in this demo are responsive, so you can concentrate on the custom features with a peace of mind.

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clean and simple responsive themes

Elessi is a simple and colorful Shopify theme. The creator of this theme has used modern colors effectively to drive user attention to the required spots. Trendy animation effects are combined with modern color schemes to attract users as soon as they land on your website. Countdown timers and progress bars are used smartly to show flash sales and the offer claim rate respectively. Since all the basic elements are given in this theme, even users without any coding knowledge can use this theme to run a successful Shopify store. By making a few adjustments to the design, you can make an interactive Shopify store using this theme.

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minimal and simple Shopify themes

This theme is the best option if you are making a store for a startup or an upcoming brand. The contemporary style of this theme helps you target the present-day audience. If you make creative products, the stylish design of this theme will enhance your product looks. Three demo variations are given in this theme. Though the design is stylish, the creator has maintained a professional look so you can use this theme for all stores. Big imageries are used to let you elegantly showcase your product. The beauty of this theme is the creator has managed to deliver the stylish design in the mobile view as well. If you want an uncompromised look in all devices, responsive Shopify themes like this will come in handy for you.

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responsive shopify themes with creative design

Videos are the effective medium to deliver the message and the present-day users consume lots of videos when compared to other types of contents. Using videos on your website will not only save users time but also increases your website engagement rate. Three demo variations are given in this theme and the Core demo has a perfect mobile responsive design. The creator has optimized the video background, images, carousels, and everything to fit perfectly on the mobile screen. Instead of using the traditional hamburger menu, this theme uses a floating menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Since modern mobile devices are becoming taller and taller, responsive Shopify themes with creative menu designs like this will make the mobile experience better. For more creative menu designs, read our bootstrap menu design examples.

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brand-focused Shopify themes

The Context is not only a responsive theme but also a retina-ready screen. Since most smartphones have at least 1080P resolution displays, using a retina-ready theme will help you deliver an immersive experience to the users. This theme is also designed for small and medium-size stores, so it fits for brand websites. Different layouts and sections are used in three demos, based on your need, you can pick one. All three demo variations have lots of space for image contents. On the clean white layout, the images and texts are clearly visible. An ample amount of space is given for the texts to let you clearly explain your products.

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interactive retina shopify themes

Broadcast is another image-focused Shopify theme. The creator has used parallax and smooth scroll animation effects to keep the users engaged when they scroll down the pages. Using responsive Shopify themes with parallax effects delivers a better user experience for both mobile and computer users. Instagram feed widgets are also given in this theme to let improve your Instagram followers count. Since mobile devices are one of the primary devices used by present-day users to access social media, adding social media widgets to your responsive website will be a thoughtful move. Dropdown options, quick checkouts, and all other basic online store features are given in this theme to help you make a proper online store.

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clean and interactive Shopify theme

Like the Blackery theme mentioned above, this theme also has 100+ pre-made demos. Most of the demos use a full-width layout hence you get more space to add your product and site content. The creator has used Google fonts in this theme so you needn’t worry about browser compatibility. In all browsers, the user can see your texts clearly. Along with the section customization, this theme also offers mega menu customization options. With all these friendly-customization options, you can do all minor changes without even touching the code. Ajax features are used for the cart, quick view, and page loading, hence mobile users can do all the action in one page itself.

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clean and professional looking shopify themes

Porto is one of the best responsive Shopify themes with friendly features for developers and users. Thoughtfully designed sections and added features will make online shopping a breeze for your users. All the necessary elements are placed at the right spots, so the user can easily access the functions. On the mobile view, the creator has optimized the design perfectly per the thumb rule, i.e, all the elements are placed at a finger stretch. Animation effects and modern web elements like carousels are used to organize the content interactively. Since this theme is made using the latest web development frameworks, it is light-weight and loads faster on all devices

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retina shopify themes with a modern design

If you are looking for a neat and functional design, the Eva theme would be a good choice. Responsive Shopify themes with a simple design like this makes your job easier on the log run. Because of this simple design, you can easily manage the elements and make them fit on the small screen devices. Some of the demos in this list use typography designs, which will make your online store stand out from your competitor’s site. Everything is given in this theme from the homepage to the 404 pages. You can concentrate on the custom pages you want. The simple code structure will help you easily add your desired custom pages and features. Blog layouts are also included in this theme, if you are interested in content strategies, these blog layouts will come in handy for you.

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multipurpose Shopify theme

Basel is a practical Shopify online store theme. The creator of this theme has used only the elements and designs that work successfully in all types of stores. This theme would be a good choice if you like to keep things simple and familiar for your users. Responsive Shopify themes like this make the user experience better and store owner’s life easier. The store owner can easily implement the strategy he learned from his fellow competitors or podcasts. Basic customizations are made simple and the powerful dashboard helps the user to manage all the works from one place. Speaking of podcasts, if you are into the live streaming business, look at our Live Streaming WordPress themes list.

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minimalist style Shopify theme

Unero is an ultra-minimal and clean looking Shopify theme. The creator of this theme has made the design very clean so that you get only the important elements and sections on the webpage. If you are looking for responsive Shopify themes with a clean functional design, this is the best option. 16+ unique demos are given in this theme and you also get a product landing page design. All demos follow the minimalist style design. The white space gives a sense of roomy feel, this will make the experience great for mobile and tab users. Right from GDPR popup to the newsletter popups, many useful features are given in this theme. You can make a beautiful Shopify online store using this theme by making a few changes to the design.

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responsive Shopify themes for big stores

Designing a mobile responsive website for a large inventory store is always challenging. Without making any compromise in the design quality we have to show all the products. To manage large contents, the most commonly used elements are accordions, tabs, and carousels. In this theme, the creator has used all the modern web elements smartly to show the products neatly within the given space. User ratings are shown right below the products so that the user can pick the right product for them. Custom promotion tiles and stock level indicators are given in this theme to improve your sales. Like most responsive Shopify themes in this list, this one also has a powerful search option to easily search and find the product. For more interactive search designs, take a look at our bootstrap search bar example collection.

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colorful responsive Shopify themes

Sharing your brand story and the product story will make a strong impression on the users. This strategy not only helps you improve your sales but also improves your brand awareness. Three demo variations are given in this theme and all of them follow the same brand-building design. The creator has used bright colors for the important sections to get user attention. Since this theme is made using the latest CSS3 and Bootstrap 4 frameworks, the animation effects are smooth and clean. Plus, the colors also look bright and natural. Multi-column menu options and drop-down navigations are used to make the navigation easier.

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shopify theme with interactive scroll effects

As the name implies, this theme uses a split-screen design. Using split-screen scroll effects creates magic when the user uses it on a touchscreen device. Since it is a retina-ready theme, it looks even more beautiful on the iPhones and iPads. Three demo variations are given in this theme and all three of them use the split-screen device effectively in different ways. Apart from the split-screen scroll effect, the creator has used micro animations for elements. These micro animations make the experience posher and smooth. To give more space for the contents and elements all the navigation options are added behind the hamburger menu.

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brand-focused shopify theme

From the ground-up, the creator has made it as a mobile-first Shopify theme. Buttons and call to action buttons are placed at the right spot, so the users can easily interact with the elements even on the small screen devices. If you are looking for a simple and elegant looking Shopify theme to power your small inventory store, this is the best option for you. Three demo variations are given in this theme and all three of them follow the simple clean design. Plenty of social sharing options are given in this theme to let the user easily share your product with their friends and also to social media. Using themes like this will improve your brand reach and user engagement.

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