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One of the obvious reasons to run an active blog is for better SEO ranking. It’s a no brainer, more content means more indexing, which automatically leads to more organic search traffic to your store/website. HubSpot has found that websites with active blogs get 434 percent more indexed than websites without a blog. Blogs not only increases your SEO results but also improves your brand trust. 46% of the users say they read blogs to know about the product. Shopify blog themes in this list will help you build brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Even the Shopify brand itself is a great example of using blogs effectively to increase their revenue. According to Wishpond, using effective blog strategy Shopify has managed to increase its paying customers by 55%. For example, when you type the word dropshipping in Google search, you can see the first few links are from the Shopify website. You can even see a few videos from Shopify in the search result. If you know the audience and the questions they have, you can use quality content to drive them to your website and gradually convert them.

I hope now you understand the need for an active blog. In this list, we have collected Shopify blog themes and complete Shopify online store themes with blog layouts. If you are starting a new brand, Shopify online store themes with blog layouts will reduce your work.


shopify blog themes with useful features

As the name suggests, this Shopify theme is designed in an editorial style so that you can share your stories effectively with your audience. Three demo variations are given in this theme and all of them follow the editorial style design. Since we are talking about Shopify blog themes in this list, the Adventure demo will be a perfect option. In the Adventure demo, the creator has handled the layout smartly and mages to bring blog post articles and shopping suggestions on the same page. Hence as the reader reads about a product, they can easily purchase it from the blog post itself. The creator hasn’t overdone the promotional work so the user won’t feel that they are forced towards a product. Since this theme is built over the latest Shopify platform, you also get all the eCommerce features.

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multipurpose shopify theme with blog layout

Ella is a multipurpose Shopify theme made for all types of online stores. 10+ homepage variations are given in this theme and six blog layouts are given in this pack. Both full-page blog layouts and blog with sidebars are given in this pack, as per your need you can pick one. The sidebars are used effectively to show ad banners and recommended products. If you are planning to give a personalized shopping experience to the users, these sidebar spaces can be utilized to show your product recommendations. Another advantage of using Shopify blog themes with store designs is you can easily sell your products easily on your website. Multiple currency options and quick checkout options are also given in this theme. Hence, you can setup a proper store in no time.

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ultra clean blog theme

If you are a minimalist style design lover, the Shella theme will impress you. The ultra-clean design of this theme helps you to make a goal-focused online store. Plus, the user can also easily find the product they want and purchase it from your website. Nearly 15+ demo variations are given in this theme for different types of online stores. Four dedicated blog themes are also given in this pack. Just like the homepage designs, the blogs also follow a minimal style design. On the clean layout, the texts and the images are easy to read. The creator has given product activity popup to keep the users updated about the latest purchases and latest collections. Using Shopify blog themes with conversion elements will help you convert more customers.

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shopify blog themes with a trendy design

Ugo is a blog theme from the ground up. So you get all the necessary blog elements, plus, the eCommerce store elements. Hence, you can give a reader-friendly experience and easy shopping experience. Only one layout option is given in this theme, which might be a bummer for some users. But, the given default design itself is clean and easy to interact with. Sidebars and parallax sections are used to highlight and show the products. Animation effects and hover effects are sleek and smooth so that you can get user attention in a short span of time. If you like to try new hover effects, take a look at our CSS hover effects collection. Like most other Shopify blog themes in this list, this one is also made using the latest Bootstrap 4 framework. Hence, it can handle all modern design elements and animation effects.

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shopify online store with blog layout

iOne is also a minimalist style Shopify theme with multiple demos for online stores. With the simple design and clean layout, this theme helps you make a beautiful online store. The creator of this theme has used modern color schemes and trendy web elements to attract the present generation user. The same design approach is used for blogs as well. Four blog layouts are given in this theme and only one single post design is given in this pack. On the clean white layout, the black texts are clearly visible and the users can easily read the content even on their small-screen devices. Since this theme uses the latest Bootstrap 4 and CSS3 script, you can use any modern fonts in this theme.

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blog with modern fonts

The core design theme of this template is storytelling. Once the user gets into the site, they must stay and know about your product. Since this theme has given so much importance for content presentation and user engagement, you can use this template for blogs without any hesitation. The default blog layout has bog texts and big imageries to draw the user’s attention as soon as they get into your site. Quick category filters are placed right above the blog list to help the user easily find the article they are interested in. The latest CSS coding scripts are used in this theme, so you can use other modern fonts as well in this theme.

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blog with sensible animations

Kalles is a primarily a multipurpose Shopify theme. This theme has not only multiple layouts for the shops but also have different layouts for the blog. In the default blog, ripple effects are used when the user hovers over the blog post image — which is a smart design, and it will get user attention easily. Though the blogs are a part of this multipurpose Shopify theme, the creator has taken the utmost care to make the blog look beautiful. Reader-friendly fonts are used in all demo variations so that readers can easily read your content even on small screen devices.

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clean blog layout

Images are used effectively in the modern web design to not only make the website visually attractive but also to deliver the content clearly to the audience. This theme also follows a minimal yet functional Shopify online store theme. All the necessary features are given in this theme so that you can concentrate on the custom features you want. The creator has given multiple variations for almost all important pages. For example, you get 16+ homepage designs, 10 Shopping page designs, and three blog designs. Even portfolio pages are included in this theme to let you elegantly showcase your custom projects. The blog layouts also have lots of space for images. Hence, you can make attractive blog posts using this theme.

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shopify blog themes with vide support

The Eva theme is primarily designed for fashion stores. Hence, the user has followed a stylish design in this theme. The creator has treated images and typography designs equally in this theme. Which makes this theme a unique one in this Shopify blog themes list. The trendy font design is followed in the blog layouts as well. Three blog page layouts and one single post design are given in this theme. In all three blog layouts, you get a sidebar, where you can add the latest posts and product recommendations. Since this theme is made using the latest HTML5 and supports the latest Shopify version, you can add video content easily. Even though a video post design is not given in the pack, you can make a video post easily in this theme.

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blog with dark and light skin options

Goodwin is one of the best selling Shopify themes in the market. The creator of this theme has utilized the Shopify platform thoroughly in this theme so you get all the latest features of a Shopify store. For example, Goodwin is one of the few Shopify themes that offer you AR and VR support out of the box. If you are planning to use new technology in your blog to give an engaging experience, Shopify blog themes like this would be a good option. Since most modern smartphones have powerful processors and bigger RAMs, users can use the AR and VR features on their smartphones itself. Even though this theme has only one demo version, it has all the necessary blog features. Plus, you also have the option to easily turn on/off night mode.

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shopify blog themes with featured image section

If you are looking for a traditional blog post design, that only concentrate on your content, this is the best theme for you. On the blog page header section, you have space to add featured posts with their images. Only one blog layout is given in this multipurpose Shopify theme. The creator has chosen a full-width layout for the blog, which is a wise choice. You get plenty of space for images and text content. Plus, you also get a right sidebar where you can add Instagram widgets, tags, and recent posts. Apart from the blog page layout, you also get nine homepage variations. Hence, you can make a proper online store with an active blog using this theme.

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minimal shopify blog theme

Handy is a minimal and clean looking Shopify theme. The smartly designed homepage lets you clearly explain your product and show your latest articles. Three homepage variations are given in this theme and all of them follow the editorial style design. In some demos, the creator has given shop now text links on the homepage. If you are planning to purely use it as a blog, you can change the shop now links into blog post links. Speaking of text links, take a look at our CSS text links design collection with cool animation effects for more inspirations. The creator has also given space for video content in this theme, so if you are planning to use video posts in your content strategy, this theme will come in handy for you.

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blog theme with big imageries

Though this theme is designed for boutique stores, the design is originally inspired by editorial websites. Hence, you can set up a Shopify blog easily using this theme. Three demo variations are given in this theme and all of them have a perfect layout to make a blog. Lots of white space is given between the elements to make the interactions easier. In between the sections and blog posts, you have space to add your product collections. The default design of this theme makes it a perfect option for small brands. You can use this theme to educate your audience and gradually convert them into your customers. Like most other Shopify blog themes in this list, this one is also a mobile responsive theme.

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simple and neat shopify blog themes

Local is a sensibly designed Shopify business theme. With this theme, you can not only showcase your product but you can also explain your services and your brand. If you are planning to use your Shopify store to promote your services, this is the best theme for you. Three demo variations are given in this theme and the Bright demo version will be a perfect fit for the blog theme. By making a few changes to the Bright demo homepage, you can make it a perfect blog website theme like the Editorial theme mentioned above. Or you can simply use the default blog layout given in this theme to save your time. The creator has kept the footer design really simple and has only used a newsletter subscription form link on it. If you are into email marketing, take a look at our free email templates collection.

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blog with fixed sidebar

The Vogue is an image-focused lookbook-style Shopify theme. Right from the homepage to the contact page, the creator has given lots of space for images. If you are using custom images for your products and blog posts, this is the best theme for you. Spending the money for custom images are quite expensive, take a look at our mockups collection to create photorealistic images without spending a lot. The sticky sidebar makes the navigation easier and also gives you space to add social media icons and quick controls for cart and currency switching. From an eCommerce store blog point of view, it has everything you need. Customizations are made easier by using a simple and flexible code structure.

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shopify blog themes with multiple layouts

With more than 200 premade designs, this theme can help you make almost any type of eCommerce store. Just pick the design you want and edit it as per your needs. Basic customizations are made easier via the drag and drop builder. So most users can easily use this theme without any coding knowledge. Twelve blog layouts are given in this theme and four types of layouts are used. The creator has given all possible designs like with/without sidebars, full-width design, and boxed design. All twelve blog layouts follow the same clean white layout on which the texts and images are clearly visible. The creator has treated this blog layout as a proper blog, hence you get all the options you want to run a successful blog.

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traditional blog layout

APRIL is a creative and trendy looking online shopping store Shopify theme. 20+ demo variations are included in this theme and all of them follow a trendy colorful design. The creator has used bright colors effectively to get user attention. Plus, the colors also look attractive on the clean white layout. Useful elements like tabs, progress bars, and map widgets are given in this theme to let you run a user-friendly website. Speaking of tabs, take a look at our bootstrap tabs design collection to elegantly organize the contents. Three blog layouts are given in this theme and they also follow the same simple design just like on the homepage. Bold and big fonts are used in this theme which makes the readability easier on this theme. If you are into creating accessible websites, take a look at our accessible WordPress themes collection.

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shopify theme with multiple demos

If you are looking for a clean and image-rich Shopify theme, this is the best option for you. Right from header to the footer, the creator has given us multiple variations. With the help of drag and drop builder, you can easily place the design you want. Basic customizations can be done via the drag and drop builder itself. The powerful dashboard not only helps the website owner to manage all the customizations but also all the store activities in one place. Coming to the blog layouts, this theme has five types of blog styles. Along with the regular sidebar designs, this theme also has two columns and three columns layout to help you organize the content neatly within the given space.

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image-focused blog layout

The Canopy theme is designed based on an editorial layout, hence you can easily make a blog using this theme. Big images are used to group the content and you have sections in between to add product carousels. By making a few changes to the design, you can make a blog homepage in this theme. In the default blog, you get a full-page layout where you can arrange the posts in a grid style. Three demo variations are given in this theme, the Thread and the Klin demo versions will be a perfect option to make a blog. If you are looking for Shopify blog themes with a versatile look, this is the best option for you.

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