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There is no doubt eCommerce is a fast-growing business and it will continue to grow in the forthcoming years. If you are selling clothing, shoes, and gadgets online, you have no bigger hurdles. But for jewelry online stores, it is a different story. People do hesitate in doing online jewelry purchases. There are several reasons for this hesitation, for example, trust factors, authenticity, and lot. Despite all these hesitations, online Jewelry businesses started gaining momentum, and it continued to grow rapidly. In this competitive world, omnichannel business (selling both online and in physical stores) is a must. The Shopify jewelry themes in this list will help you showcase your jewels and improve your brand credibility.

There are three categories under jewelry; fashion jewelry, fine jewelry, and accessories. Fine jewelry includes luxury items like diamond and gold, hence selling them to people via online stores is a bit tough compared to the other two categories. One of the biggest hindrances in online shopping is the inability to feel or try the product before buying it. Many brands use augmentation reality to let the user virtually try and feel before buying it. Thankfully Shopify platform supports AR and VR out of the box. All these Shopify jewelry themes are updated periodically and support the latest Shopify version. Hence, you can easily incorporate new technologies like AR/VR to boost your online sales.

With all that in mind, let’s look at the best Shopify jewelry themes you can install today.


feature-rich Shopify jewelry theme

Lusion is a user-friendly Shopify jewelry theme.

This is a multipurpose Shopify theme, so you get over twenty ready-made demos in this pack. As a result, you get plenty of elements pre-designed for all your needs. All you have to do is to drag and drop the elements you want as your website grows. This theme uses the latest Shopify version and supports all the latest Shopify apps. Plus, you get regular updates with this premium theme. Overall, Lusion is a store-owner-friendly and customer-friendly Shopify theme.

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clean Shopify theme

Beloria is another multipurpose Shopify theme with a ready-made demo for jewelry stores.

Store owners who give utmost importance to page speed must look at this theme pack. All demo versions in this theme are properly optimized for performance, and their Google page speed score and GTMetrix score are given. Since the creator has taken care of the coding side speed optimization, all you have to do is to optimize the content. There are more than twenty-eight demo versions; you can pick any demo and can turn it into a Shopify jewelry store.

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Atlantic is a brand-focused Shopify jewelry theme.

Four demo variations are given in this theme for fashion, cosmetics, furniture, and jewelry stores. The Chich demo version will be a perfect option for the jewelry stores. The thoughtfully designed homepage allows you to talk about the jewelry’s quality and design. On the clean white background, the jewels can be felt fully by the user. Animation effects are kept very simple so that there won’t be any distraction and the user can fully concentrate on the jewel they want. Dropdown menu options and separate shopping pages are given in this theme to help you neatly organize the collections. From the ground up, this theme is designed for stores of all sizes. So you can easily manage your store even if your inventory grows in the future.

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Shopify jewelry themes with big imageries

Expression will help you make a proper online Shopify jewelry store with an engaging design.

The creator of this theme has handled the image space smartly so that you can elegantly showcase your jewelry collection. Image sliders, collage-like product image collections, and user reviews are used efficiently to help the user select the design they want. Since videos are consumed a lot by present-day users, try to add a 360-degree video of your jewelry. So that the user can see your design fully and can also make a decision easily. Star ratings are made brighter to show the quality immediately to the user when their eyes see a design. For more interactive and expressive star rating designs, take a look at our CSS star rating design collection. Using customer-friendly Shopify jewelry themes like this will improve your brand credibility.

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Shopify jewelry themes with useful features

Wokiee is a multipurpose Shopify theme with multiple demos for various types of online stores. Nearly 60+ demos are given in this theme, plus you also get special demos for single products. A dedicated theme for a jewelry shop is given in this theme so you can set up your store easily in no time. Countdown timers are given beneath the product to help you run flash sales easily. Call to action buttons are placed at the right spots so that the user can easily place the order. Different shopping pages and single product page designs are also given in this theme. Based on your requirements, you can pick one and edit it as per your needs.

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ultra clean shopify theme

Shella is one of the best Shopify jewelry themes with a clean minimal design.

This is also a multipurpose theme with multiple demos. The jewelry theme has a clean and rich look. Right from the fonts used to the web elements color schemes, everything is chosen with care. If you want a theme that could help you launch a website straight away, this is theme would be the best choice. Image sliders and carousels are used effectively to list the product within the given space. Soma banners use parallax effects to draw user attention to them. Product activity popups are also given in this theme to show the latest collection and recently sold products. Overall, this theme has all the elements you want to keep your users engaged.

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Whether you want a simple Shopify jewelry theme or a sophisticated jewelry theme, this theme pack will have a design for you. With more than hundred-plus designs, this theme pack will help you make any type of jewelry store within minutes. In all demo versions, you can see that the creator has given importance to the image spaces. So you get plenty of space to elegantly showcase your product images. Plus, it is a Shopify theme; you can add interactive hover effects to the product images so that the audience can see the jewel designs clearly before they buy.

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Roxxe is a multipurpose Shopify theme with three jewelry store designs. Each demo is unique and will help you sell your jewels easily on your website. If you want a more professional looking website design, you can opt for the Jewelry 3 demo version. The other two demos have a modern design with lots of images. No matter which demos you pick, all of them are editable and have powerful shopping pages. Since Roxxe is one of the best selling Shopify themes, the creator updates this theme with new demos, so you can expect more new jewelry store designs in the future.

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Shopify jewelry themes with easy customization options

The Fastor theme has four jewelry store designs; two light skin versions and two dark skin versions. If you are selling fine jewelry, especially diamond jewelry, the dark skin will be the best option. On the dark skin layout, the user can feel the dazzling beauty of the diamonds. In all four demos versions, the homepage is kept simple and straightforward. Hence, the users can start shopping in your online store as soon as they land on your site. Countdown timers are given in this theme also to highlight and show the flash sales. 360-degree product view options are also given in this theme, so all you have to do is to add corresponding images at the right spot. Since this theme uses the Revolution Slider plugin, users can create interactive image sliders in no time.

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multipurpos theme with jewelry demo

This one is the best theme for you if you are looking for Shopify jewelry themes that deliver impeccable user experience for both computer and mobile users. Jewel designs look beautiful and livelier in this theme. Hover effects are also used smartly to let the user fully feel the jewel. Since this Shopify theme runs on the latest version, you can even use 360-degree images to let the user see the products before placing the order. All basic features and optimizations are taken care of by the creator itself. Therefore you can work on the custom features without any worries.

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simple Shopify jewelry theme

The Anamika Shopify theme is purely designed for jewelry stores.

Right from the header to the footer, you have plenty of space to showcase your jewelry collections. Plus, you have Instagram feed options to increase your social media followers. Design-wise, this one has a straightforward design. Lots of images and call-to-action buttons to easily take the users to the corresponding pages. Highlighting sections are used to show important information like the delivery, return policy, and payment options. Shop owners who want a neat online store to sell their jewels can consider this theme.

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clean shopify jewelry theme

Ruby has a fresh design that most modern users will love. Nearly six homepage layouts and one RTL layout are given in this pack. All demo variations follow a clean minimal look — on which the product looks beautiful. Plus, the audience can easily read the content and interact with your website easily. The modern online store features like the quick view, ajax powered search bars, and a lot more are given in this template. Therefore you can make a website that meets all the needs of modern users and present-day store owners.

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image focused Shopify jewelry themes

Broadcast is an image-focused Shopify online store theme. A picture is worth a thousand words. If you really have a unique collection, this theme will help you showcase elegantly to the users. The clean design of this theme lets the users fully enjoy your designs and buy them. Hover effects are used smartly to show useful options like the quick view. Without leaving a page itself the user can see your product and place an order. Quick purchase options like this will reduce the order placement time and gives more time for the user to discover new designs. Since this theme is from the Shopify’s own theme repository, it supports all the latest features of the Shopify. All you have to do is to take care of the payment process.

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mutlipurpose shopify theme

Basel is a multipurpose Shopify theme with a professional design. The creator has included demos for different types of online stores and one jewelry store theme is also given in this theme. The default jewelry theme uses a boxed width layout to give an organized look. If you want a full-width design, you can pick another demo and edit it as per your convenience. Along with online store pages, this theme also has designs coming soon pages and password pages. Since all the basic pages are given in this theme, you can concentrate on the custom features you want.

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Shopify jewelry themes with multiple demos

If you are looking for an easy-to-maintain Shopify theme, this theme would impress you. Right from single product websites to the big store websites, this theme has designs for all of them. The creator has effectively balanced the images and banners to let you genuinely promote the products. Plus, the user can also enjoy your jewels without any interruption. Colorful tags and ribbons are used to show the latest collections and offers. If you like to make the ribbon design even more attractive, take a look at our CSS ribbons design collection. Since the creator already takes care of all the optimizations, you can concentrate on the custom features you want.

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colorful and attractive Shopify jewelry themes

Lezada is also a best-selling multipurpose Shopify theme. What makes this theme sell more is the value for money proportion is higher in this design. Nearly 200+ pre-made demos are given in this theme and you can expect more designs in the future updates. The creator has followed a trendy design language in all 200+ demos. Even if you don’t like the default Shopify jewelry themes in this pack. You can simply pick the design you like and edit it per your needs. This theme supports the latest Shopify version and it also drag and drop section compatible. Without even touching the code, you can customize everything in this theme. Core customizations are also made easier by the flexible code structure. Developers can easily work with this theme and add your desired custom features.

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minimal shopify theme

Editions is a simple Shopify theme. Three demo variations are given in this theme and almost all follow the same simple design. Even you have a dark theme demo version, if you are into dark designs, you can pick one. This theme supports Shopify’s section ready features, all you have to do is to drag and drop the sections you want. Hence, you can pick any demo you like and edit it per your needs. Because of the simple homepage design, you have only space to show some of your collections and share a few words about your brand. This is the best option if you are making a jewelry theme for a small inventory store.

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neat looking Shopify jewelry themes

The Corano theme is purely designed for jewelry shops. Right from the header to the footer, everything is optimized for the jewelry stores. Four homepage variations and one RTL version are given in this theme. If you are selling worldwide, this RTL version will come in handy for you. Big images and animated carousels get user attention when they land on your website. This theme also gives tabs to help you neatly organize the related collections. Using Shopify jewelry themes like this with an optimized homepage design will improve the engagement rate and help you convert more users. If you like to add your own personal touch to the design, take a look at our bootstrap tabs collection. Since this theme uses the latest Bootstrap 4 framework, it can handle trendy design elements and animation effects.

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multipurpose shopify theme

Elessi is a clean and responsive Shopify theme. Using a responsive theme is a must in the present-day condition. Since most users are starting their search from mobile devices, keeping your website mobile optimized will help you reach more potential audience. This multipurpose theme is designed for fashion, accessory, and jewelry stores. All demo versions follow a trendy design to help you impress modern users. The only thing you might need to fix is the retina device supports. Though the elements are fonts are crispier, some of the banners look blurry on retina devices like iPhone and MacBooks. Besides that, everything works perfectly in this theme and you can set up an online store easily without spending much time.

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minimalist style shopify theme

Logancee is another minimalist style theme in this Shopify Jewelry themes list. This is one of the few Shopify themes that gives you salon website designs out of the box. All homepage designs are made like a landing page, hence you get a goal-focused design. Whether you want your website to improve your branding or increase your sales, this theme has a perfect design for you. In the default jewelry design, the creator has used scroll effects to present your jewelry collections engagingly to the audience. This theme also gives Megamenu options to help you organize the collections easily. Plus, you have space to add promotional banners in the megamenu. You get all the features you expect in a modern online store. For example, you get multiple currency options, quick buy options, and more.

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easy to customize shopify theme

With 60+ premade sections and 10+ headers, this theme will help you make a unique looking Shopify store. Plenty of customization options are given in this theme. The creator has used modern creative elements to highlight and show the promotional element. The hover effects show all the quick options like color swatches, quick view, and add to wishlist. Hence, users can easily buy the product they like. On mobile devices, the design is fully optimized for the small screen. The creator has made sure that all the important options are at an easily reachable point. Animation effects are smooth and clean so most users will enjoy using your website. This is the best option for you if you are looking for Shopify jewelry themes with multiple customization options.

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shopify theme with video background

At the beginning of the post, I mentioned how a 360-degree video will help the user feel your product fully. In the Motion theme, the creator has allowed you to add a video to your product image gallery. Three demo variations are given in this theme, giving you space to add video contents. Using Shopify jewelry themes like this will increase user engagement. Plus, the user has used parallax scroll effects and swift animation effects to make the website, even more, livelier to the users. This theme would be the perfect option if you spend a lot on creating custom videos for your jewelry.

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luxury accessory shopify theme

The Modular theme is primarily made for fashion and accessory store websites. This theme will help you make an impressive website if you make fashion jewelry. The creator has used the full-screen design effectively to showcase your product elegantly to the users. Instagram widgets are given near the footer section to share your feed directly with your users. Trendy design elements are sprinkled throughout the website to create a visual aesthetic. Small detailings in this theme make it as one of the best Shopify Jewelry themes in this list. Proper shopping pages and product pages are given in this theme, so you can easily sell your jewels on your website.

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Shopify jewelry themes with a unique layout

The Kingdom is a unique-looking Shopify theme made for accessories and fashion stores. Like the Modular theme, this theme is also a good choice for fashion jewelry websites. Parallax and smooth scroll effects are used to give an engaging experience when the user scroll down the pages. The sticky sidebar makes navigation easier and increases your brand name or logo visibility throughout the website. Credibility-building elements like testimonials and review elements are given in this theme. Since this theme is from the Shopify theme repository, you can rest assured that you will get periodic updates.

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