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So, you plan to run a real estate listing or selling website on Shopify, right? In simple words, Shopify isn’t designed for real estate platforms. So you can’t expect ready-made solutions and properly equipped Shopify real estate themes like you’ve seen on other CMS platforms like WordPress. You have to work your way through if you want to set up a real estate website on the Shopify platform.

One thing you could do is install a plugin like the Multi-Vendor, originally designed to manage multiple vendors on marketplace websites. With the help of the Multi-Vendor app, you can let the user post the property details, and then you can use the draft order feature to charge your realtors.

If you are a developer expecting more freedom, look at our HTML real estate website template. Add custom features you want and easily convert the template into a Shopify theme. You still have the base design if the experiment doesn’t work how you want. You can convert it to a comfortable platform by spending a few hours.

For those with experience creating custom Shopify projects, the themes in this Shopify real estate themes list will simplify your customization job. Design-wise, these themes will help you make a beautiful, captivating website. For example, articles with big images will help you elegantly list your properties. Most Shopify real estate themes in this list provide easy customization options, all you have to do is take care of the functionalities you want.

Most real estate business people want on their websites are

  • Clean engaging design to list the properties neatly
  • Support big images and videos so the users can see the properties.
  • Rating and review options to help the user select the best property.
  • Easy communication option so the user can easily contact the realtors or property owners.

These fundamental design needs can be done easily in a Shopify theme. For example, you can use the product listing page for property listing and the single product page for property details. Themes with a brand-focused design will have elements to explain your brand clearly. Some of the themes in this list even support the Shopify AR/VR feature, which you can use to show your properties virtually to the users. If you have the resources to handle the functionalities, these themes will reduce your design work.

Ap Sharon

perfect Shopify Real Estate Theme for big companies

Ap Sharon has the best Shopify real estate theme for big real estate companies.

The website’s professional look lets the site owners easily brand their website and also manages to make a positive impression. If you are an upcoming brand or revamping your old website, this template will give the website a fresh & modern look. Since it is a Shopify theme, you can quickly sell properties and other property-related items on your website. The dynamic notification popup lets the new users know when a sale happens on your website. After completing a few backend works, this theme will become a perfect real estate website.

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Shopify real estate themes with useful elements and sections

With over 87+ demos, this theme has Shopify website designs for all categories. Everything can be created easily using this theme from small to big stores. We do get a dedicated theme for real estate and architecture websites. The creator has used the full-width layout effectively to present the content elegantly to the users. In the real estate demo, the homepage is designed sensibly so that users can easily pick the property type they want. Plus, you also have a place to showcase the featured properties. The footer section is used to show contact information and working hours. Since all the necessary information is given on the footer section, the user can access it anywhere from the website. The creator has given you a basic idea of using a real estate website’s shopping and single product pages.

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Ap Realty

Shopify real estate themes with a clean design

Creators of Ap Realty have made a good attempt to create a Shopify real estate theme. The business look and the online store features are balanced in this theme. An ample amount of space is given for images and videos to let you clearly explain your property. Four Shopify real estate themes are given in this pack, each with a unique homepage layout. From this theme design, you can understand that you can convert any brand-focused Shopify theme designs into a real estate theme. Since most Shopify real estate themes in this list are section ready themes, you can easily add and remove the sections based on your needs.

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minimalist style Shopify real estate themes

As the name implies, the creator of this theme has used a minimalist style design. Eight homepage variations are given in this theme, and all follow a brand-focused design. The smartly designed homepage lets you clearly mention who you are and how you help people to get the best property. You can use the product section to list your properties and single product page to add property details. This theme also gives blog pages to help you run an active blog. Shopify real estate themes like this will help you make a properly branded website.

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minimal shopify theme

Big imageries play a major role in the real estate website. Realtors love to show the properties elegantly to the users to make a good first-time impression. The Airi is a multipurpose Shopify theme with multiple demos pre-designed for fashion and interior design websites. The interior design demos will perfectly fit the real estate website. Nearly nine interior design homepage demo variations are given in this pack, each with a different layout. Lots of white space is used in this theme to give a roomy feel. If you are dealing with luxury properties, themes like this will be a good choice. Icons and images are used effectively to categories the product.

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easy-to-interact shopify theme

Molla theme pack has interactive pre-made demos for all famous niches. Since it is a multipurpose Shopify theme, the creator has given you plenty of customization options and flexible code scripts to introduce any custom features easily. Nearly 34+ demos are in this theme pack as of writing this post. The default interior design and home decor demos will work well with real estate websites. Big imageries and quick view options will help users see your property images. This is one of the few Shopify real estate themes in this list, with a dedicated design for mobile users. Hence, your audience can see your properties easily on the go.

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Alamp is primarily an interior design Shopify website template. Since this theme has all the essence of a proper real estate website, you can create a smart Shopify website with this theme. This theme pack has five demo versions, all with a clean layout and an artistic touch. As I said at the beginning of the post, the theme’s flexibility matters the most when you plan to make a real estate website using the Shopify platform. This theme’s creator has kept the code structure as simple and direct as possible so that you can easily add custom real estate website functions and tools into this theme.

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image-rich shopify theme

If clean layouts are your priority, you have to shortlist the Kalles. The creator has used the full-width layout effectively in the demos of this theme pack. Hence, you get plenty of space to list your properties elegantly. You can easily manage the entries with the help of the product drag & drop option. User-friendly features like the quick view and instant search options will make the user’s life a lot easier on your website. Regarding search options, look at our bootstrap search box collection for more interactive designs. Since this theme runs on the latest bootstrap framework, it can handle all modern elements and effects effortlessly.

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minimal Shopify real estate themes

Goodwin is one of the few Shopify themes that support the Shopify AR feature out of the box. If you like to give an engaging experience to the users, these AR/VR features will come in handy for you. This is also a multipurpose theme with demos for all types of online stores. Another useful feature in this theme is easily switching between light and dark mode. The thoughtfully designed homepage lets you promote your properties and big banner sections are given to highlight the featured products. Like most other Shopify real estate themes in this list, this one also supports drag and drop section feature to easily customize the page. You can make a beautiful real estate website with this theme by making a few adjustments to the design.

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Shopify real estate themes with interactive design

This is the best option for you if you want a highly customizable conversion-centered Shopify theme. With more than 100 demos, this theme has designs for almost all types of businesses and online stores. Along with the demo variations, you also get 60 sections, 10 headers, and 5 footers predesigned. You must pick the demo that closely meets your needs and drag & drop the sections you want. Since this theme is designed for commercial purposes, you get big promotional banners between the sections. You can use these banners to highlight your featured properties.

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shopify theme with promotional options

Elessi is another minimal and modern looking Shopify theme. This theme has a perfect design, from the small listing to the mega listing site. Because of this simple minimal design, this theme lets you elegantly list your properties. Ribbons and tags highlight the properties so users can easily identify their desired properties. If you like making engaging CSS ribbon designs, look at our CSS ribbon design collection. Coming to this theme, it has more than enough space for images and also for videos. You can add a video from Youtube or directly add videos to your website. Since this theme is made using Shopify 2.0, it offers you all the latest and greatest features Shopify has to offer.

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simple and interactive real estate theme

The Gecko theme may not have a large theme collection like the Kala theme mentioned above, but it has beautiful demos and useful features. This pack’s furniture and interior design store theme will perfectly fit the real estate website. Big images and parallax effects are used smartly to give an engaging experience to the users. The creator has used images effectively to categories the content. If you are handling budget properties to rich luxury properties, you can use these images to easily organize the related properties. Product activity popup is given in this theme, which you can use to show the recently added and purchased properties. All the basic pages are given in this theme to concentrate on the custom pages you want on your website.

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shopify theme for interior design

If you are looking for a modern professional looking website theme, the Porto is the best option for you. The creator of this theme has equipped it with all the necessary fundamental features. Since this theme uses the latest Shopify version, you get all the latest features. Interactive search options and filter options are given in this theme to let the user easily search and find the properties they want. Speaking of search bars, if you like to make engaging and user-friendly search bars, look at our Bootstrap search bar collection. This theme is also designed using the latest Bootstrap 4 framework, hence it can handle all modern design and the latest third-party templates without any issue. User login options are also given in this theme, all you have to do is to take care of the backend functionalities.

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clean and simple shopify theme

With over 200+ demo versions this theme has designs for almost all website categories. You can set up an online store of any size using this theme. Among the 200+ demos, you will find plenty of homepages for a business website. You have to pick the demo you like and start customizing it as per your design needs. These designs not only look simple but also has a simple code structure, which enables you to add custom features easily. The creator has followed the code standard practiced by professional developers and Shopify store standards.

Along with the homepage designs, you also get 8 types of product pages and 12 types of blog layouts. Setting up a proper website using this theme will be an easy job. All we have to do is to take care of the backend work.

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easy to customize Shopify real estate themes

Avone is another multipurpose Shopify theme. The demo versions are thoughtfully designed so you can easily set up a store for any occasion. For example, the creator has given a separate demo for Christmas shopping. Since we are talking about Shopify real estate themes, Demo 18 will be a good choice. Big images and hover effects are used smartly to deliver an engaging experience. The user can also easily interact with the elements on the webpage.

All themes in this Shopify real estate themes are mobile responsive, so you needn’t worry about making it mobile device compatible. Newsletter popups are also given in this theme, if you are into email marketing, take a look at our MailChimp email templates collection. Real estate is one of the active businesses which uses online effectively to get users. Shopify real estate themes with email collecting feature will help the website owners to collect new leads.

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image rich shopify theme

Ella is a gorgeous looking Shopify theme for business websites and online stores. Thoughtfully designed business website demos let you clearly explain your brand and what makes your brand different from others. Lots of promotional elements and engaging elements are used in this theme to help you increase online sales. The creator has smartly combined the images and hover-effects to give the users a lively experience. Since it is originally designed for online stores, the top bar is filled with information. Based on your needs you can edit the contents on the top bar. Above all, this theme is made section ready out of the box. Hence, users can simply drag and drop the elements in the required spots. Both minor and major customizations are made easier using flexible codebase.

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ultra clean and minimal looking shopify theme

If you are looking for a super minimal design, the Shella is the best option. The overall design of this theme makes it a perfect option for brand stores and small inventory stores. Because of this simple small inventory style design, you can make a decent real estate website with this theme. If you plan to list the properties and let the user contact you directly via the contact page or the contact information design, this theme would do the job for you. Like the design, the code structure is kept clean and simple to let the developers easily work with this theme.

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